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Keynotes on the online vacation industry from a world leading expert


Simon Lehmann

travels from Switzerland

Thought-leader and sought-after speaker on the present and future state of the vacation rental industry

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Keynote speaker Simon Lehmann is a recognized expert on the online vacation industry. He specializes in topics related to technology trends, branding, consumer behaviour and more. Simon is an authentic speaker who provides valuable insights into the vacation industry with many international speaking engagements under his belt.

Why you should book speaker Simon Lehmann

  • Simon is the CEO and co-founder of AJL Consulting which specializes in the vacation rental industry. Simon has worked in this industry for many years and has helped several companies with different challenges related to for example globalization or digital transformation.
  • Simon is a warm and charismatic speaker. He has presented at numerous international travel and vacation conferences and never fails to bring a new and interesting perspective to the table.

Travelling has become a big part of our lives and with the digitization and growing opportunities, it creates challenges for the vacation and travel industries. The insightful keynote speaker Simon Lehmann has made it his specialty to understand these challenges and provide some answers. While no one can predict the future, Simon has the experience and knowledge to guide his clients and audience members in the right direction.

As a speaker Simon Lehmann is engaging, charismatic and professional. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and insights with international audiences and other experts. Simon talks about the future of the industry as well as new technology trends that affect the consumer’s behaviour. With his eye of the future, Simon is regularly asked to speak at large travel and vacation events and conferences. He is also an excellent moderator.

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Keynote by speaker Simon Lehmann

What is the Vacation Rental Industry About?

  • The concept of “sharing homes” has been around for years. However, the way it is managed, particularly in a commercial sense, has dramatically changed.
  • Rapidly becoming the most innovative sector in the world, the key question is, how exactly is the vacation rental industry defined? And more importantly, how is it fulfilling the needs of an ever-demanding consumer market? These are the questions Simon will answer in this keynote.
Keynote by speaker Simon Lehmann

Does the Rapid Growth of the Vacation Rental Industry Mean a Demise for the Hotel Sector?

  • According to a recent study by Bloomberg, it is said that if travellers have stayed in peer-to-peer lodging in the last 5 years, the likelihood that they prefer traditional hotels is halved. What’s even more interesting is that travel and tourism disruptor, Airbnb’s units are reported to be doubling year upon year.
  • In this keynote, Simon provides answers for the “traditional” hotel industry. The audience will get a better sense of the future and how to prepare in the best way possible.
Keynote by speaker Simon Lehmann

The Digital Future of the Vacation Rental Industry

  • There’s no time like the present to consider how the digital revolution is transforming the hospitality, travel, and in particular, the vacation rental industry. Following disruptors such as Airbnb and HomeAway, new competition continues to enter this market, mainly using platforms that can expand through superior technology capability.
  • With sophisticated AI technology, and “automation” in the serviced accommodation space, there’s no denying that there is still a lot of room for exponential change in the industry. The question is, what does this mean for property owners and the modern-day traveller?
Keynote by speaker Simon Lehmann

Building a Brand that Consumers Can TRUST, in the Vacation Rental Industry

  • Even in this day and age, despite the digital revolution and modern-day perks, trust and good old-fashioned hospitality, is still at the heart of the vacation rental industry.
  • Businesses who understand this and continue to put people first, will always stand out amongst the rising competition. But what exactly do businesses in this industry need to consider, in order to become a brand that their consumer will trust, and keep returning back to?
Keynote by speaker Simon Lehmann

The Top Vacation Rental Industry Trends for 2019

  • Not so long ago, vacation rental websites mostly consisted of property owners who were looking to rent out an extra bedroom or a second home. Today, the vacation rental industry is a profitable and well-established space, that includes a number of third-party services to support growing businesses.
  • Now that we’re well into 2019, it’s clear that this industry is rapidly transforming (for the better); and in order to keep ahead of the game, it’s important to know of all the top trends which is exactly what Simon covers in this keynote.
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Is there a future for the property managers?

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