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Ståle Økland (Stale Okland)

Trend Expert, Globetrotter and Writer
Country: Norway

Our keynote speaker Ståle Økland is a Norwegian trend expert, globetrotter, writer and thinker. He is also the founder and director of Global Retail Trends, an international trend agency specializing in retail trends.

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Norwegian trend expert, globetrotter, writer, thinker and public speaker

Ståle spends his time travelling the world researching the ideas that will shape the future, meeting the people and organizations behind them.

Ståle Økland is a compelling speaker on future trends. He has expertise and distinctive insight across a wide range of strategic, technological and specialist disciplines. He covers topics such as: Globalization; Social and Cultural change; Innovation and Technology; Retail Trends; Hotel and Restaurant Trends and Luxury Trends.

His passion for change and innovation are evident in his presentations, and audiences consistently rate both his content and presentation skills “refreshing” and “inspiring”.

Ståle Økland has over ten years of experience in advising clients on trends, scenario analysis, new product development, market entry, branding, and customer experience.

Ståle Økland is frequently sourced by the media for his opinions on trends. He launched his book “TrendMania” in May 2011 – a book about how trends are created, which became a bestseller. He is now working on a new book about rockstars in the modern society.

Ståle Økland has also had a political career; he has represented the Norwegian Conservative Party as vice-mayor in the municipality of Time (Norway).

He has previously lived in Paris and Leverkusen (Germany) and speaks English, German, French and the Scandinavian languages.

    Speaker Ståle Økland Keynote Topics

    • Globalization
    • Social and Cultural change
    • Innovation and Technology
    • Retail Trends
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