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Steve Clarke

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Sales Mentor and Author

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Keynote speaker Steve Clarke is a sales & business success story. He has owned and run businesses in both the UK and USA and has the experience and knowledge which can help teams and organisations succeed. He is part of an elite team of business mentors, chosen by Dragon Den’s James Caan and he travels the world to inspire and deliver sales training at leading companies around the world.

The Professor of “BuyOligy”, Sales Mentor, Author, Inspirational Business Speaker

At the age of 16, Steve Clarke left school with no qualifications, direction or purpose in his life. Then at 18 he became engrossed in the power of personal development and goal setting. At 19, with a fresh attitude and determination to succeed, he found his niche in sales. Since then he has set up and operated businesses in the UK and USA. He has taken them from start up to stock market flotation.

He grew his last UK business from scratch to £30m in annual revenues in just 8 years, sold out and retired at the age of 45. Now, in addition to running his Sales Mentoring and Mastermind Programs, he delivers sales training to leading companies around the world, lectures at Universities and is regularly engaged as a keynote inspirational business speaker internationally.

Steve is also very proud to be a member of an elite team of business mentors chosen by The Entrepreneurs Business Academy (The EBA), which James Caan from BBC TV’s Dragon’s Den spearheads with Founder, Bev James.

Steve also lives by his mantra…

“It’s your attitude that determines your altitude”.

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    Keynote by Speaker Steve Clarke

    “Life’s a Pitch… and then you buy”TM

    • Irrespective of the industry or sector you may operate in and regardless of the products or services you sell – learning to present your case in a highly effective manner is vital to your sales success.
    • Steve will share actionable points that will massively improve the impact of emails, sales letters and face to face “pitches’ guaranteed to dramatically improve results.


    Keynote by Speaker Steve Clarke

    “Your attitude that determines your altitude”

    • Steve will explain very clearly why some people succeed where others fail, covering all the vitally important elements of a winning attitude.
    • This keynote is guaranteed to leave your audience motivated and inspired … ready for action and producing outstanding results!


    Keynote by Speaker Steve Clarke

    “The world has changed… but have you?”

    • To keep doing the same old things the same old way and just hoping for better results is insane. It’s not going to work in today’s economy.
    • In this talk Steve clearly paints the picture as to how the world has changed and what we can do to achieve outstanding sales results using social media and putting new twists on traditional marketing on-line and off-line.


    Keynote by Speaker Steve Clarke

    “How to thrive not just survive”

    • Based around Steve’s best selling book of the same title, in this keynote he shares his formula for business success.
    • Winning more business and increasing profits isn’t easy…but it is simple – he’ll explain the difference.
    • Irrespective of the state of the economy or industry sector this talk cuts to the heart of what will help any business achieve or exceed its goals.


    Keynote by Speaker Steve Clarke

    “Champagne results… on a beer budget!”

    • In this keynote Steve shares the secrets behind getting the most out of the three sales and marketing teams that every business has at their disposal… yet most don’t even recognize are there!
    • Success in business today is not all about blood sweat and tears – and it’s certainly not about your logo design!
    • Steve provides nuggets of pure gold that can be implemented immediately in every business, no cost or low cost strategies that deliver incredible results.
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