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Suzanne Meijroos

International Speaker on Corporate Flirting
Country: Netherlands

Speaker Suzanne Meijroos is an international business “flirting” coach. Business flirting is about building relationships and getting to know each other. The fundamental and central root of business is people and Suzanne is here to teach you how to interact better and build strong relationships in a short amount of time.

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Keynote speaker Suzanne Meijroos was born deaf but her deafness was healed when she was four years old. However, school was still difficult for Suzanne and she struggled with fitting in. Suzanne pursued a career in acting when she was 16, but due to trauma it ended when she was 30 years old. It was a time that required a lot of self-study, self-reflection and personal development to come out on the other side. Personal development became her new passion and she soon started public speaking and workshop facilitation.

Today, speaker Suzanne Meijroos travels around the world to deliver keynote presentations on the topic of corporate flirting. Suzanne helps businesses and individuals make warm and real connections with people, which results in more and better connections, happier colleagues and more business opportunities.

    Speaker Suzanne Meijroos Keynote Topics


    • Business Flirting
    • The 10 Flirting Commandments
    • Male/Female Differences in Communication
    • Flirting & Non-verbal Communication
    • Flirting & Networking
    • Flirting & Sales
    • Flirting & Intuition
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