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Tamika Smith

Entrepreneur and Businesswoman
Country: Australia

Tamika Smith is a successful Business woman in the largest male dominated field, Construction. As an accomplished Entrepreneur she aims to address the misconstrued idea that your worth as a woman is attached to a series of boxes that we are told to tick! An advocate for encouraging the attributes that women possess, but are hiding of late with the false belief this won’t lead to success.


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“Grace will take you where hustling can’t”


After years working with various builders and land estates Tamika founded TSR Property Solutions with a business model that mitigates the risk of her clients and presents a process managing everything from land acquisitions, subdivision approvals, through to handing over the completed construction.
Within the first 12 months, TSR achieved over $10,000,000 in construction sales by word of mouth alone and began working with both State & Federally funded housing projects.

Tamika Smith was the first female to be awarded #1 Sales person in Australia’s largest building company & was recently awarded the Young Business Woman of the year.
Founder of the #Top100Women initiative, Tamika aims to celebrate the women within the male dominated sectors by recognising the fantastic work already being done whilst we move towards greater change. The pressure for women today has never been greater in the sense that as we merge into business, we are told more of who we need to be!

    Keynote Topics

    • Women in Business
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Development & Construction
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • The Pain vs Profit Ratio
    • Leadership- are we empowering or telling?
    • Working in Male Dominated Fields
    • Resilience & Bouncing Back: From Underdog to Overachiever
    • Discovering Who You Are in A World That Tells You Who You Should Be
    • Defining You, And Achieving Optimum Results for YOUR Skill-set
    • What Success Means by Your Standards
    • The Art of Being Graceful & Assertive to Succeed
    • Turning Your Dreams into Business Models
    • Finding Your Niche
    • Becoming #1 in your Field
    • Productivity- How to Master both Your Logical & Emotional Brain
    • Acknowledgement Vs Suppressing Emotions
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