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Thomas Blekman

Thomas Blekman

Expert in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Country: Netherlands

Keynote speaker Thomas Blekman is a serial entrepreneur, author, and consultant. He is passionate about effectuation, entrepreneurship and innovation, and he is highly experienced with teaching others about these topics.

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Unleash your entrepreneurial potential.

Thomas Blekman’s purely practical approach to learning the entrepreneurial mindset, which he has developed and improved over the past decade, is a mixture of people development and organizational development. Through his five principles of effectuation, he has achieved great success in inspiring people to think like expert entrepreneurs and develop value propositions.

You can only guide others in their journey if you are brave enough to go on your own.

Thomas is senior Manager of De Beukelaar Groep, a community consisting of a broad range of experts adding value to the purpose of transforming companies into adaptable, agile, entrepreneurial and most of all purpose driven and client oriented organizations.

As Clinical Professor at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Thomas is responsible for the Corporate Accelerator program which offers corporates the tools of entrepreneurs, adapted to the needs of established companies. Thomas strongly believes that corporates need to learn to be entrepreneurial if they are going to stay in the game.


    Speaker Thomas Blekman Keynote Topics

    • Entrepreneurial Leadership
    • Corporate Effectuation
    • Entrepreneurial Change Management
    • Innovation in Organization Development
    • Personal Leadership and Leading Others
    • Building Entrepreneurial Teams
    • Value Creation from within Established Companies
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