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Thomas Mulhern

travels from Denmark

Managing Director of Globally Local helping organizations achieve internationalization goals and sustainable integration

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In this globalized world, you often fall behind if you don’t attract international talent. What’s more, you have to properly integrate the talented individuals you recruit in order to maximize retention. As Managing Director of Globally Local, speaker Thomas Mulhern helps organizations, individuals and families achieve sustainable integration and internationalization goals.

At Globally Local, Thomas Mulhern works with organizations and educational institutions to increase well-being in diverse, global workplaces. Thereby creating an environment in which locals and expats can inspire and elevate each other, resulting in better performance and profits.

In addition to drawing on his experiences implementing a global approach in schools and organizations across Denmark, speaker Thomas Mulhern draws from his own experiences. He is himself an Expat who grew up and studied in the United States, is now married to a Dane and is a father to a Danish-American. So he has experienced first hand the barriers that make integration so difficult – and learned the tools necessary for breaking down these barriers.

Speaker Thomas Mulhern is passionate about building bridges between cultures and boosting global retention. Not only believing in the importance of expats but also repats – those who have integrated into another culture and returned to their home country. These individuals are potential ambassadors and bridge-builders. With the benefits of global mindsets as well as a knowledge of the local environment.

If you want to improve cross-cultural communication and make your organization authentically international, Thomas Mulhern is the speaker for you. Before working at Globally Local, Thomas created the first fully Danish/English bilingual school program in Denmark. Enabling Danes and Expats alike to move outside their comfort zones and break down the barriers of segregation and assimilation. In his keynotes, he shares his insights, from his personal experiences and his work in global leadership, with your organization. Providing you with new ways of looking at talent attraction and retention, and new systems in which to facilitate this.

See keynotes with Thomas Mulhern

    Keynote by speaker Thomas Mulhern

    Innovation in Integration: Global Talent Retention

    • Rebelling against the populist movements in US & UK, speaker Thomas Mulhern believes you can be both global and local.
    • These global locals bring new market insights, which stimulate growth.
    • In this talk, Thomas describes authentic integration and what that takes… a holistic 360 approach which takes into account all aspects of your new employee’s well-being.

    Keynote by speaker Thomas Mulhern

    Diversity management: Implementing your ideal organizational culture

    • Your team consists of varied individuals, so how do you lead them to all move in one direction?
    • In this talk, speaker Thomas Mulhern draws on his experiences as the leader of an international department, consisting of Danes and expats.
    • He will explore a variety of organizational cultural models.
    • This talk is highly beneficial to global organizations and diverse teams looking to improve their teamwork.

    Keynote by speaker Thomas Mulhern

    Innovation in Education: Breaking out of the either-or model

    • Our thought patterns are full of ‘either-or’s. Either you’re sending kids to international or local school… But why not think outside the box?
    • Speaker Thomas Mulhern describes how to change the structures in society by creating innovative hybrid models.
    • Drawing from his experience bringing bilingual education to Denmark, thereby bringing expat and local stakeholders together.
    • This inspirational talk provides insights into finding innovative, creative solutions, particularly in the educational sector.

    Keynote by speaker Thomas Mulhern

    Emotional intelligence and Cultural Awareness

    • Cultural intelligence starts with emotional intelligence
    • Know thyself. Understand your own biases and belief systems. It’s the only way to truly embrace diversity in your organization
    • In this talk, speaker Thomas Mulhern draws on his professional experience as well as his academic background in philosophy.
    • Delivering an insightful, highly customizable talk on how to increase your cross-cultural competencies. Highly valuable for diverse teams and organizations.
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