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Tim Moonen

Moderator and speaker on working with cities and Director of The Business of Cities
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Tim Moonen is an expert on the future of cities and working with cities. He has spoken in front of multiple global companies as well as universities and has moderated several panels and entire events.

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Speaker Tim Moonen is the director of The Business of Cities – an urban intelligence firm helping form relationship between cities and companies to ensure great dynamic and synergy. Tim also has a PhD in politics and international studies from the University of Bristol. Tim has over 100 speaking engagements under his belt including several international events and summits.

Tim Moonen is experienced and knowledgeable in his field and specializes in globalization, urban competitiveness, the future of cities and city partnerships. Tim has also co-authored two books with fellow speaker Greg Clark: World Cities and Nation States and The story of Your City as well as numerous reports and articles. As a speaker Tim Moonen is very educational and informative, and he is sought-after speaker and moderator in his field! Below are examples of his keynote topics.

    Keynote by speaker Tim Moonen

    Benchmarking Cities

    • In this keynote, Tim introduces the basics of how to work with cities. The audience will learn how cities perform, how competitive they are, the science of measuring and comparing cities, new city types in the global economy and much more.

    Keynote by speaker Tim Moonen

    Working with Cities

    • This city is perfect for those working with or in a city. The audience will learn about business and civil society and how that works successfully in and with cities as well as how city leaders think and how to be a city leader.

    Keynote by speaker Tim Moonen

    The Future of Cities

    • While the future is unsure, Tim will give his best shot at explaining what the future of cities will look like. Tim will go through the megatrends and disruptors for cities, the next cycle of urban innovation as well as cities that will succeed and fail in the future.

    Keynote by speaker Tim Moonen

    The Business of Cities

    • In this keyote, Tim will explain why businesses and cities depend on each other. This keynote will cover: the re-urbanisation of business, business growth strategies in cities, how to build a cities approach to your business and business partnerships with cities.


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