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Todd Newton

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Success, Achievement, Personal Fulfillment

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Our keynote speaker Todd Newton is a well-known face and celebrity. He has been an E! Entertainment Television host for over a decade and continues to bring audiences behind the scenes, to the biggest events, and closer to celebrities. Todd Newton also delivers powerful keynotes on willpower, success, and making a difference. Todd uses his experiences and life story to inspire audiences and help them find their strengths and achieve success.

Daytime Emmy Award winner Todd Newton is one of the most recognized and respected personalities on the air today. The man known as The Host With The Most®️ has awarded game show contestants more than fifty million dollars in cash and prizes on shows such as Whammy, Family Game Night, and The Price Is Right Live! stage show. Newton is also known for bringing viewers face-to-face with Hollywood’s biggest stars on E! Entertainment Television.

In addition to his work in front of the camera, Todd Newton is the author of several books including “Life In The Bonus Round,” which was named Best Autobiography at the prestigious Beverly Hills Book Awards. 2016 saw the release of “The Host With The Most: Tales Of A Tattooed Television Personality.” But it is Newton’s popular personal development project, “The Choice Is Yours: Six Keys To Putting Your Best Into Action,” that has firmly established him as one of the Kings Of The Speaking Stage.

Meet the man the Promotion Marketing Association calls “Dynamic, entertaining, and motivational.” Todd Newton-a face you know and a message you will never forget.


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    Keynote by Speaker Todd Newton

    The Choice Is Yours

    • One of Todd Newton’s most requested keynotes, featured in his popular 2010 live DVD. Applicable to individuals from all walks of life, Todd outlines the characteristics of achievers and shows audience members how to find strength and focus from within. Highlights include determining the difference between a dream and a goal, creating opportunities, and standing out from the crowd.


    Keynote by Speaker Todd Newton

    I Want, I Will, I Win

    • Todd’s latest presentation and has already made quite an impact on his audiences. Written while delivering shoes to orphans in Haiti, this sixty minute keynote consists of stories derived from interviews with three amazing people who demonstrated incredible willpower, desire, and staying power in an effort to be their very best. These powerful displays of the human spirit will inspire you to tackle the challenges in your own life.

Interview with Todd Newton

How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

As a young boy growing up in St. Louis, I was always fascinated by watching men like Johnny Carson, Bob Barker and Dick Clark. I loved how they made a living and entertained millions of people just by being themselves. That was the path I knew I wanted to take.

My first job was actually as a puppeteer on a local kids’ TV show. I instantly fell in love with the lights, the cameras, and the action. From there I got into radio and then eventually moved to Hollywood to begin my run with E! Entertainment Television in 1995.

What are some of the topics you cover in your talk?

My presentations have always been about the audience. When I take a stage I shoot for two things:

  • 1) I want each person to feel as if the presentation was designed and delivered just for them.
  • 2) I want each person to walk away feeling as if they can conquer the world. Speakers know that the majority of what we say will be forgotten within 48 hours, but an audience will never forget how you make them feel. I want to impact them at their very core.

What type of audience benefits most from your keynotes?

Those that WANT to benefit. The fruit is right there on the tree. All they have to do is reach up and grab it. The information is there for those who are physically and emotionally present. My philosophies on success and achievement have been proven effective by people from all walks of life-myself included. What I speak on WORKS and it is not specific to any demographic. Everyone enjoys uncovering ways to improve and grow.

How do you work with clients when preparing for a keynote?

Great question! To me the client is everything and customer satisfaction is paramount. I am very hands on in the booking process. I believe in investing the time in a phone conversation to make sure every one of the client’s questions are answered and every concern is addressed.

I’m not a fan of question marks. I have a detailed One Sheet on the Contact page of my site which gives the planner a good idea of who I am and what I do but nothing beats one on one communication. This also gives me the chance to find out about the audience, the venue, customize the presentation, and any particulars that will help me exceed their expectations.

Finally, I give the client my personal cell phone number and let him or her know that they can call me anytime day or night. I can count the number of late night calls I’ve had over the years on one hand.

How does humor factor into your keynotes?

Funny moments often arise during the final fifteen or twenty minutes of the keynote. This is when I leave the stage and go into the audience for an interactive “game show” segment. I ask audience members to share what they will take away from our time together and in return I award them with a parting gift-usually one of my books. I’m always amazed at what sticks.

What is the most unique experience you have had as a speaker or presenter?

Anytime a presenter meets someone who has benefited from a talk we gave or a book we wrote, it’s enough to bring you to tears. It truly is why we do what we do. I met a woman at an event in Las Vegas who had attended a presentation many years before. She showed me the notes she took that first night and shared how she had utilized them in different areas of her life. That meant the world to me.

I’ve had the good fortune of learning so much from so many in my life; my parents, my grandmother, my children, Bob Barker-just the thought of being an inspiration to others makes all of the economy class flights and lonely hotel rooms worthwhile. There’s no greater occupation.

See keynotes with Todd Newton
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