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Tom Oliver

travels from France

Thought Leader, Philantropist and Author

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Keynote speaker Tom Oliver is a new generation business leader, an award-winning author, philanthropist, artist and speaker. Tom Oliver combines all these roles effectively in his keynotes and provides recipes for business success. His efforts and talks give insight into the secrets of corporate profit and branding.

Tom Oliver is known as one of the world’s best experts on leadership. He coaches leadership at Google and gives business advice to the World Bank and is a world-renowned authority on disruptive innovation as well as a holistic thought leader at the best business schools in the world. Tom founded the Global Leadership Circle at Manchester Business School while contributing to its being ranked as one of the top international business programs (MBA doctoral program ranked #1 in the world).

Tom Oliver is a real social entrepreneur. He created the World Peace Foundation and World Peace Festival from scratch based on a single idea. Business leaders like Richard Branson support him and the project has been termed “the most influential peace gathering in history” by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu.

Tom Oliver has worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies throughout the world and has been granted lifelong seats in some of the most influential think tanks of our time. Tom has perfected a unique and accelerated method of maximizing personal, leadership, and business potential.

As a speaker Tom Oliver is highly sought after. Past clients include Coca-Cola, The World Bank and eBay. His expertise is also in high demand by the best business schools in the world from the Manchester Business School to the Kellogg School of Management, political powerhouses like the European Parliament and the UN, and heads of state from Austria to India and China.

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    Keynote by Speaker Tom Oliver

    Win the Millennial Generation and the Consumer below 30 for your products and services

    • The highest driver of change over the next decade will be a significant shift in the expectations of the increasingly digital consumers of the Millennial Generation.The Millennial Generation and the consumers below 30 demand an increasingly seamless experience from the companies they do business with. Tom Oliver shows how to engage these consumers effectively. To this end, Tom Oliver draws parallels between the secrets and best practices of rock starsand “rock star” brands like Apple that have created a loyal global following for their products.
    • In order to provide a seamless experience to consumers, businesses can profit immensely from understanding how rock stars engage people´s hearts and minds. When a rock star goes out on stage, he tunes into an inner vision and then brings this inner vision to life with his band to excite worldwide audiences.  In applying the same principles, businesses can develop the kind of products and services that have a mass appeal and resonate with consumers around the world.

    Keynote by Speaker Tom Oliver

    Attract the Best, Keep the best – Boost your bottom line and profitability by consistently attracting the top talent and the best people

    • The future of any company lies in its ability to attract and keep the top people as employees. But now more than ever, the best people are not attracted by the best pay alone: They want to work with the best corporate citizens.
    • Tom Oliver shows how to create a corporate climate that attracts the top talent and the best people through good corporate citizenship: To be a good corporate citizen means to build a better company. Thereby you ensure its long term success. Otherwise your employees will route you out, and then ultimately your customers as well. Tom Oliver decodes the corporate DNA, remodeling it into a magnet to attract the high achievers of today and tomorrow.


    Keynote by Speaker Tom Oliver

    Turn your business into a powerhouse of innovation by mastering the secrets behind creativity

    • The man that Barack Obama calls “one of the most creative people on the planet” will illustrate how global brand titans like Google and Apple apply his principles to become masters of creativity, innovation, and original thinking. This interactive panel incorporates a live music performance to illustrate the true nature of creativity. Tom Oliver will share his best practices, tools and insights to show how this process can be applied by anyone to produce creativity at the highest level.
    • Creativity and innovation are the two biggest drivers for the long term success of any business. Cutting costs out of the supply side no longer works. Businesses have to focus on the demand side, and here innovation is the biggest issue. Now more than ever, the ability of any business to produce innovation at the highest level will determine its long term success.
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