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Tony Bosma

Futurist and Trend Watcher
Country: Netherlands

Tony Bosma is the right person to listen to when it comes to the future of business. He is an acknowledged futurist and trend spotter. He advises on future prospects and provides clear insights into business opportunities.Tony Bosma’s keynotes transmit information to the audience, are straightforward but also highly entertaining.

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Tony Bosma is the founder of Extend Limits, an internationally known trend watching, futuring and innovation consulting organisation. The company started as a blog in 2004 and was one of the first in the field of trend spotting and future thinking.

Until today the company has become an international resource of information and knowledge about innovation, and future developments. Through years of experience and a unique way of working, Tony Bosma was able to become an internationally known trend analyst and futurist. He is the only Dutchman to be nominated nominated several times for ‘Trend Watcher of the Year’. 

Tony Bosma stands out by not being too sensitive to the many hypes of the industry. His focus lies on trends with a lasting effect on the way we live, work, communicate and consume. He has successfully authored several books like “Social Capital” (2013), “The great innovation models Book” (2012). Sometimes Tony is confronting but he does especially inspiring work.

Keynotes from Tony Bosma can be characterised as up-to-date, content rich, visually attractive and explicit in their messaging. The presentations contain a mix of images, videos and even music. Beside keynotes and workshops Tony Bosma contributes to expert panel sessions and acts as a strategic consultant and inspirator for innovation boards. Through Extend Limits he supports organisations, institutions and governments visualising future scenarios and trends challenges.

    • Future prospects

    • Trends in society

    • Trends in Education

    • Media and digitization

    • Durability

    • Innovation

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