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Life-changing keynotes on increasing sales

Tony Morris

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Experienced sales trainer and motivational speaker helping companies increase sales and build long-term customer loyalty

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Speaker Tony Morris’ presentations are motivating, informative, entertaining - even life-changing. By combining facts, insights and practical advice, Tony helps clients immediately achieve improved results. Tony is an expert in sales with plenty of real-life experience to share. Learn more about him here.

Sales expert and motivational speaker Tony Morris delivers high-energy messages, leading individuals and organizations to incredible success! He is all about changing people’s beliefs and mindsets. So that companies can increase their bottom line, build long-term customer loyalty, sales, and gain referrals.

“There is no such thing as failure, it’s all feedback” – Tony Morris


Motivational Sales Speaker Tony Morris’ Background
Having been in sales from the age of 18, Tony knows sales like the back of his hand – and he knows what it takes to lead a successful business!

A skilled and experienced speaker, Tony Morris translates his hands-on experience into a coherent, compelling and exciting philosophy which delivers results. He has inspired, engaged and trained over 8,000 sales professionals in his careers. His engaging speaking style is so popular that he delivers over 100 talks per year.

In his talks, Tony shows companies how to increase their bottom line, build long-term customer loyalty, as well as how to gain referrals. He teaches useful skills like persuasiveness and influence, tenacity and persistence as well as effective communication and negotiation.


How he presents

Speaker Tony Morris’ presentations are always interactive, motivating, fast-moving, informative, entertaining – even life-changing. Tony presents his ideas with a rare combination of fact, insight and practical advice that delegates can apply immediately for improved results. Book Tony Morris for an exciting and effective talk on achieving success in business.

See keynotes with Tony Morris

    Speaker Tony Morris Keynote Topics

    • Your 5 a day

    Target Audience: Business owners, MD’s, Sales Directors, CEO’s, Sales Managers, sales consultants

    About the talk: Understanding what the top 1% of sales consultants do differently from the other sales people on a consistent basis. It will inspire the audience to change their behaviour and mind set and strive to achieve more.
    Take-away: This keynote will share Tony Morris’s vast experience of helping over 12,000 sales professionals across the Globe and what are the key components that differentiate them from the majority of sales professionals. What do the top 1% all have in common and what makes them consistently achieve at the highest levels time and time again? After seeing this talk, your
    sales teams will come out with a skip in their step and be desperate to get on the phone or out in the field and put their new knowledge straight into action.

    • The Ritz approach

    Target Audience: Business owners, MD’s, CEO’s, Sales Directors

    About the talk: The vital importance of treating every guest as they will be our most important client. It will highlight what the customer journey should look like and how to turn a guest into a raving fan and future proof your business.
    Take-away: In this talk, Tony will provide some great examples of what world class service actually looks like and how it costs nothing to consistently deliver it. The examples will be diverse, from a game of golf, to a kitchen retailer, to a hotel in the US to a first meeting with a potential affiliate. The audience will be scribbling down practical ideas that will help and inspire them to up their game every time they interact with a guest. It will revamp the organisational culture and future proof your business.

    • What’s your tomato soup?

    Target Audience: CEO’s, Business owners, MD’s, Sales Directors

    About the talk: Creating a new revenue stream for your business and/or enter new markets
    Take-away: This keynote will not only inspire the audience, it will have them scribbling down new and innovative ideas to generate new markets for their products and/or services. It will provide them with a different perspective on their business and they will learn about real life examples that have seen increases of 125% increase in turnover by implementing the ideas and strategies I share. These range from a tomato farm in Reykjavik, a hair salon, an online health and safety training company.


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Keynote topics with Tony Morris