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Tor Haugnes

YouTube Success and Teacher
Country: Norway

Historian, Economist and keynote speaker Tor Haugnes became a YouTube success as a result of his alternative and successful lecturing style in his university classroom. He has an unconventional style and uses different approached to teaching which he hopes will help inspire and motivate his students. His unique teaching style is also reflected in his presentations where he delivers memorable, inspirational and useful talks.

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“University lecturer” and “viral YouTube success” are rarely mentioned in the same sentence, unless you’re talking about Tor Haugnes. After one of his lectures at BI received more than 160,000 hits on YouTube and 200,000 views on VGTV, his unconventional style of teaching became well known throughout all of Norway and other parts of the world. By experimenting with different approaches to teaching and lecturing, he hopes to inspire and motivate students to become critical thinkers and strong contributors to society. His classes are a refreshing testament to the possibilities of education.

Tor is a historian and economist and teaches classes on entrepreneurship and change. He talk about what’s going on, how we have gotten here and reflects on current events and issues. His view is unique and influenced by his surroundings and location in the northern mountain country.

    Speaker Tor Haugnes Keynote Topics

    • Consumption
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Leadership
    • Globalization
    • Value Creation
    • Social Responsibility
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