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Tumi Frazier

travels from South Africa

Acclaimed change expert with a mission to motivate, inspire and empower young women, men and entrepreneurs

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Our South African speaker Tumi Frazier is a passionate woman with a mission to inspire, motivate and help. She is involved with numerous projects and programs aimed at empowering and helping young women, men and entrepreneurs. She is a change expert and delivers keynotes to corporations, women’s groups, universities and government entities. She focuses on change resilience, leadership, empowerment and effective habits.

The keynote speaker Tumi Frazier is one of South Africa’s gems and a great internationally acclaimed change expert.

Tumi helps individuals and organizations with personal and organizational development solutions and interventions aimed at improving accountability and commitment so as to cultivate high performance cultures.

Tumi Frazier spreads strength and hope through her positive messages. She continuously motivates and encourages people of all nationalities, races and creed.

Our speaker Tumi Frazier was chosen as one of the finalists for the 2010/2011 Most Influential Women in Business and Government (MIW) Awards. This is already an accolade since her place among the finalists acknowledges her as one of the top three women in business.

Tumi works throughout Africa, United States and Europe, with various organizations. Her clients range from medium to large corporations. Additionally, she dedicates time each month for Keynote Addresses, Motivational/Inspirational sessions, Workshops and Seminar Presentations.

The eloquent speaker Tumi Frazier is passionate about women and youth empowerment; she is one of the mentors for The African Continent Post Graduate Women program initiated by Graca Machel-Mandela.

Tumi conducts entrepreneurship workshops for women through Destiny Magazine. She is also a mentor for Women in Motion; young, upcoming women leaders in business.

Tumi was also selected as one of the mentors on Making Moves, a television reality show currently on SABC1 in partnership with National Youth Fund. Here she helps a young entrepreneur to be successful in her business venture.

Our speaker Tumi Frazier is also an Ambassador for My SA Career Guide and speaks at various schools and universities.

Tumi initiated a Foundation that caters for young people in the townships and its aim is to ensure:

– Access to quality education, life skills and leadership competencies.

– Economic self-sufficiency and sustainability

– Mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on individuals, families and communities by strengthening the implementation of educational programs that instil values, better choices and self worth.

Tumi initiated Remarkable Young Men, a program geared towards the empowerment of young men to be the best in all areas of their lives. This Forum is designed to educate, inspire, and motivate young men by giving them the confidence and leadership skills needed to successfully navigate through life’s experiences.

Our keynote speaker Tumi Frazier is an affiliate of RAM International based in Texas, an NGO whose purpose is to transform lives of people through various humanitarian projects. Projects include bringing medical doctors from the United States to offer free medical clinics in Ivory Park in Midrand by yearly.

In her presentations and work, Tumi combines Psychology & Coaching disciplines, business-consulting skills with an in-depth understanding of 9 languages, dynamics, processes, and organizational cultures.

Tumi Frazier has written columns in business newspapers and Magazines that reach millions of readers. She published  a self-help motivational book “Your Moment” which provides practical principles and techniques to achieve success in every area of one’s life. This book together with Stepping Stones to Success has been approved by the Department of Education to be used in school libraries as Life Orientation material this year.

Tumi has co-authored Stepping Stones to Success, a book featuring some of the prominent authors and speakers in the U.S such as Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Dennis Waitley. She features in a new release book series CSI, Courageous Stories of Inspiration; a book featuring Dr. Robert Schuller amongst others.

The inspiring speaker Tumi Frazier is featured regularly on Lotus FM and on African Views; a TV Talk Show which is broadcast throughout the African continent and some parts of the United States.

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    Keynote by Speaker Tumi Frazier

    Corporate America (small, medium & large)

    • Building Change Resilience
    • Diversity Management
    • Effective Life & Work habits
    • Inspiration: My journey


    Keynote by Speaker Tumi Frazier


    • Ubuntu African Leadership
    • South African values, traditions and cultures that are beneficial and those detrimental to us.
    • My journey – Personal inspirational story, growing up in the apartheid era, “bantu” education system -education designed for black people only.
    • Celebrating diversity


    Keynote by Speaker Tumi Frazier

    Women Network Groups

    • Women in leadership – challenges of women leaders in SA & oppressive cultural practices.
    • Effective life & work habits
    • Healthy self concept
    • Inspiring a life of significance
    • Inspiration: My Journey


    Keynote by Speaker Tumi Frazier

    Government Entities

    • Guest speaker on various topics relating to South Africa (our challenges and successes).
Tumi Frazier - video

Why Entrepreneurs Fail - Leadership Qualities Needed

Watch speaker Tumi Frazier in action!

See keynotes with Tumi Frazier

Interview with Tumi Frazier

What types of clients have you worked with in the past?

  • Large multinational corporations such as KPMG, Fluor and American Chamber of Commerce
  • Large local companies: South African Airways, South African Broadcasting Corporation, Airports Company, Banks
  • Various Government Departments
  • Business Schools and Universities
  • Small enterprises.

What is your most popular keynote?

  • Change
  • Resilience

Why should clients use you for their next event?

My unique ability to motivate and inspire audience to positive action is the highlight of any event. I provide audiences with competencies they can apply immediately and comprehensive education in what they need to know to remain competitive.

I am an excellent communicator and appeal to a broad audience, from the President of a large organization right to university students. My messages are structured to relate to the level of the audience. I also have an ability to combine solid content with practical, humorous and dynamic delivery.

How do you use your personal story in your keynotes?

I use my personal story as a source of inspiration, hope and encouragement. We all have potential to achieve greatness despite our background, circumstances or odds that may be against us. It is not the conditions of our lives that will determine our destiny but the decisions we make about how our lives are going to be.

What do you hope to achieve with your keynote presentations?

  • To empower others with the knowledge and tools they require to succeed in their personal and professional lives.
  • To assist individuals and organizations with personal and organizational development interventions to improve accountability and commitment so as to cultivate high performance culture.
See keynotes with Tumi Frazier
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