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Finding a better understanding on mental health

Stuart Ellis-Myers “Twitchy”

travels from USA

Mental health expert, and Motivational speaker

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Stuart Ellis Myers, also known as "Twitchy", is an experienced keynote speaker around the topic of mental wellness. Twitchy has successfully managed a number of his illness, Tourette's syndrome being one of them, in his previous work environments and his everyday life. Twitchy provides insight on how to implement inclusiveness, fresh ideas, and accommodation of mental wellness in the work-place.

Why book speaker “Twitchy”?

  • Speaker Stuart Ellis- Myers has lived with his illnesses for over 50 years and has been apart of many job fields in which enhanced learning experiences. Speaker Stuart is hands-on as he guides audience members on how to appropriately incorporate, identify, and educate audience members on the topic of mental health.
  • He is inspirational. Stuart inspires many organizations as he provides insight into current and undiscovered illness and how to approach them for a safe and progressive work- environment.
  • He is resilient. “Twitchy” is continuously beating the odds. He inspires audience members and organizations alike on guidance driven results and inspiration for a more inclusive  workplace.

Speaker Stuart Ellis- Myers chimes in on how we all resemble one another.”All I can tell you is that (I’ve) learned to live with a neurological disorder, but it seems to me that everyone today is living with some type of anxiety-based disorder.”

One of the most gifted and inspiring public speakers on the conference circuit today, speaker Stuart has used the life lessons learned through years of battling this often emotionally crippling condition of Tourette’s syndrome, to help countless others to overcome their own challenges and fears. His insight and humanity have enabled him to share his own, often painful, experiences in such a way as to offer a real, usable, methodology for overcoming the many pitfalls of modern life.

The countless physical and psychological manifestations of our high- stress lives are made clearer to understand and easier to bear through his simple and effective system of Unstoppable & Mental Health to Mental Wealth change. By chronicling his journey in the pages of his books and presentations; with both his successes and failures fully exposed,  speaker Stuart takes you on a trip through the life of a man held captive but not broken by his mental health condition and yet who found the strength and determination to break free by sharing his Unstoppable message of true and lasting love.

From helping you to face the reality of your current situation; to offering guidance to help you seize the endless opportunities that come our way each day; to providing easy to learn and being more comfortable, to perform exercises to gain control over your fears and doubts. Stuart invites you to join him in creating the foundation for your mental health to mental wealth UNSTOPPABLE LIFE.

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Keynote by speaker Stuart Ellis-Myers

The Unsafe Mind . . . Mental Health, Mental Wealth . . . change your thoughts, change your life

Safe workplaces don’t start with hard hats and fall protection; safe workplaces start in the minds of our people.

60% of all workers today are either experiencing or observing heightened levels of on the job mental health issues. Where do you start inspiring all your staff, including the one in five North Americans who suffer from addiction and mental health issues.

Speaker Stuart offers fifty years of personal firsthand experience living and working safely with the rare neurological disorder Tourette Syndrome, anxiety, clinical Bipolar depression, OCD & ADD.

  • Leave this laugh-while-learning session with a deeper understanding of how to spot, diagnose, manage and lead those experiencing UNSAFE dual diagnoses mental health issues.
  • Within this powerfully inspiring and informative session you will learn how to CSI detect, minimize and safely manage the people that you lead who are currently hiding while learning how to live and work safely with anxiety-based stress, fatigue, change, anxiety and depression.
Keynote by speaker Stuart Ellis-Myers

A.N.C.H.O.R.I.N.G. - a safety group therapy experience

Warning! This is not a passively presented information session. Instead of observing you will actively participate in a live safety centric demonstration-based group therapy experience.

  • Leave knowing how to generate fundamental places of safety that creates the genuine trust required to let you quickly, efficiently build a‘trust based’ connect and communicate with any of the people that you lead.
  • Stuart Ellis-Myers aka Twitchy will also live demonstrate a life changing group therapy relaxation technique that reveals the innate place of safety that we all possess that is waiting to be discovered at your conference.
Keynote by speaker Stuart Ellis- Myers

Unstoppable! The Power of YOU

“Twitchy” has overcome countless Unstoppable challenges to become a hilarious content-rich, ‘Robin Williams Living with a Twitch.’ GET READY to take a deep dive into the hidden world of Unstoppable-ability to resurface refreshed, refueled and refocused! Twitchy Every laugh while you learn keynote is jam-packed with mind-blowing mental health, mental wealth insights.

With Twitchy on stage get ready to discover your Unstoppable Edge leveraging a deeper understanding of your own Unstoppable superpowers. As a constantly travelling 850+ worldwide conference performer. Stuart’s life purpose shares surprisingly simple Unstoppable insights to boost mental health into mental wealth.

  • Live, laugh & learn
  • Embrace Emotional Resilience
  • Deny distractions
  • Mood mastery made easy
  • Unravel Unstoppable Superpowers
Video by speaker Stuart Ellis-Myers
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“ … directly relevant, inspiring, unforgettable, and immediately usable by all our attendees … ”

Nicole Thomas

Coca-Cola| Workforce Development

“ ...Twitchy was the best of all our speakers! We booked him three times! …”

Phillip E. Russo, CAE

NAFA National Association of Fleet Managers| Chief Executive Officer

“ … Terrific opening keynote. We laughed, cried and learned. Exactly what we had hoped for… ”

Bryan Benjamin

The Conference Board of Canada / Le Conference Board du Canada |Vice President, Organizational Performance

“ … Thank you for being such a great leader in the mental health field. A true joy to get to see you speak. Loved the way you engaged the audience. You got personal, real yet kept it light hearted. Full of lived experience insights

Sapna Mahajan, MPH, PMP, CHE

Mental Health Commission |Director, Office of the President & CEO
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