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Victor Mids

Entertainer and Illusionist
Country: Netherlands

Our keynote speaker Victor Mids is a mindblowing illusionist and presenter. He plays with reality and imagination in a unique way. He fascinates his audience by combining illusionism, psychology, medicine and sleight of hand. Victor Mids is the perfect match to make your audience curious for more.

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Illusionist, Doctor and incredible Entertainer

Where magic meets science. Our speaker Victor Mids is an illusionist and doctor, who takes his audience on a fascinating journey.

Victor Mids leaves behind the frontiers of classical magic. He digs deep into the listeners’ minds and comes up with entertaining and astonishing neuropsychological experiments.

The hallucinatory speaker Victor Mids gives vivid answer to the questions how easily someone will be distracted or how to erase someone’s memory. In his performances Victor Mids shows how easy human senses can be fooled.

Moderation, facilitation and entertainment at corporate events are Victor’s specialty. Our keynote speaker Victor Mids is able to motivate audiences and gather the full the attention of all people in his surrounding. His unique combination between magic and science is absolutely incredible.

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    Mindf*ck is a popular scientific magic show, that eliminates the classical image of glitter curtains and sawn orphan girls. The viewer gets insight into the underlying psychological principles like distraction, nonverbal communication and the influence of the subconscious. Watch the trailer here.


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