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The book to prepare you for the future! Richard Watson’s Digital vs. Human – In the stores from the 2nd of May on

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To some extent the 21st century is not what we dreamed of on the 1960s – no lying cars or moon hotels. Rather, the beginning of this century seems to be all about online human interaction and self-depiction. Now, comes the next step. The next fifty years will be about the relationship between people and technologies created by a tiny handful of designers and developers. These inventions will undoubtedly change our lives, but the question is, to what end?


“The book is about the rapidly developing world of artificially intelligent machines, robots, automation, screens and mobile devices and, in particular, who has the upper hand. However, it is also, fundamentally, about reality, meaning, purpose and what it means to be human,” futurist and keynote speaker Richard Watson. He finds accessible and fascinating answers in his new book Digital vs Human. The book, which is to be released on the 2nd of May, discusses the possible effects of technology on every area of our lives.
What do we want these technologies to achieve on our behalf? What are they capable of, and — as they transform the media, the economy, healthcare, education, work, and the home — what kind of lives do we want to lead?


Richard Watson hereby extends an exuberant invitation for us to think deeply about the world of today and envision what kind of world we wish to create in the future.

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