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The reason why we recommend external speakers

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There are many good reasons why companies may choose to host a talk or lecture. Perhaps a gift to the employees, perhaps a means of inspiration or to deal with organizational changes or new goals.

But who should organise the event? The CEO or someone from the board? Although many things can indeed be handled within the organisation itself we know the value of using external speakers. These are the reasons:

  • Experienced speakers

The art of communication is a craft not mastered by everybody. Being an expert within one field or another does not necessarily mean one does also know how to communicate this expertise to other people. When you book an external speaker you not only meet the expectations of your audience, you also prevent unfocused and confused talks. Professional speakers have real stage experience and they know how to motivate and inspire an audience.

  • New perspectives

How are you doing within the company? What are your strengths and how do you want to achieve progress? Your work habits and the culture within the organisation will determine the way ahead. We know from experience there is a very real risk of getting stuck in the same old habits. You look at the world and your organisation with certain eyes, a certain vision which means it is not always easy to present new ideas, to do things differently. People get to the point where they think they already know what is going to work or not work. Which can make it hard to convince them to try new strategies.  

At the same time people are generally not good at coping with changes. We prefer to do things the way we are used to. External speakers have a better chance of communicating changes and new ideas. Choosing a speaker who is not employed within the company presents a new perspective.

  • Expertise

We are not all experts which is why it makes sense to use external speakers who are experts within their particular fields. Using external speakers, coaches and consultants you can aid your employees and offer them the expertise you are looking for. Perhaps you are working with specific themes during a certain period? In that case it might be a good idea to make use of external speakers.

  • Inspiration

People love to get inspired by other people who know how to communicate their specific message in a unique and personal way. Some people like one approach, others a different approach so it can be a good idea to sometimes make use of external speakers.

  • Some examples

Our speakers face a new audience each and every day which means they encounter a lot of different work methods and organisations. They use this experience which can benefit your particular organization. Using examples rooted in experience, speakers can demonstrate why certain ideas and methods might or might not work for you. The combination of expertise and experience. Prior to the event you can talk to the speaker about tailoring the talk or lecture to fit the specific needs and purposes of your organisation.

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