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We can’t predict the future. Right? Ask a futurist what’s waiting for us the upcoming years and you will be surprised about their elaborated answer. By studying the past and current trends futurists will be able to tell you what you can expect the upcoming years.

 As company or organisation we must be able to think innovative and keep developing to assure your concept is not only successful now, but also ready for the future. The burning question our Futurists have for you: “Are you Future-proof?”

Ready for new innovations? Make sure you are "Future-proof"

  • It is amazing how fast the world around is in changing. Very exiting as many new opportunities arise! However, we humans generally do not like changes and want to know what’s ahead of us. Futurists will be able to give you an insight! During on of the Keynotes on the future you can get a glimpse of the future market based on trends and tendencies in the present.
  • Many futurists will not only inform you about the emerging trends, they also focus on how to deal with all the fast changes in society and how to prepare ourselves, our employees and companies for the upcoming changes.

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Futurists on various topics: from global innovations to emerging trends in business

Some Futurist are specialized in  a specific area while others will be able to tell you a lot about various universal trends. From Globalization, to Digitization, trends in Healthcare to emerging trends in business.

At A-Speakers we are here to inform you about the various possibilities regarding the content of the keynote. Are you looking for inspiration, an insight in the global trends or specific tools to address challenges within your company? We are happy to provide you with some advise.