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Wellness Blog #1: Independently Healthy

Written by Bobby Whisnand

We all want the long life, but we also want to live it well, right? Although our definitions of wellness may vary from one person to the next, there’s one common denominator for all of us – to always be able to do the things we love to do, on our terms, no matter how many candles end up on our birthday cake. This to me is the ultimate global definition of wellness, and it’s a lot simpler to achieve than it’s made out to be.

In a nutshell, our individual and global wellness efforts can be maximized to reach much higher levels of success, but some big changes are indeed needed.

First, we must understand and apply correct and healthy exercise techniques and methods instead of emulating what we see on TV, social media, and at the gym.

Secondly, we must learn about food instead of diets and avoid the extreme faddish ways of eating.

Thirdly, we must do our homework on health supplements before we take them and understand whether they’re truly healthy and helpful, or unnecessary and overkill.

And lastly, we must improve our wellness vision by recognizing the successes we achieve on the way to our desired goals, and see the journey for what it really is, the ultimate award.

Being independently healthy is the ultimate goal and it brings with it, the biggest prize of all.

Bobby Whisnand has spent nearly three decades using his knowledge, passion, and Texas-sized energy to motivate thousands to live their best lives possible. Endorsed by doctors, surgeons and other specialists across multiple disciplines Whisnand has helped thousands of patients, companies, and associations reach unprecedented levels of wellness.

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