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Wellness Blog #2: From Go to Goal

Written by Bobby Whisnand

The 33% Method to Success

Setting a fitness goal is motivating, self-inspiring, and a brand-new start to really make it work this time. The desire, effort, and determination are all there to see this thing through, at least at first. Why is it that so many fitness goals lose their flame after a great start and have such a hard time coming to fruition for many people? The answer is pretty simple considering the complexity of variables that go hand in hand in reaching fitness goals – most of us make it too much about fitness and not near enough about the more important things.

When it comes to setting fitness goals, the best thing anyone can do to give themselves the absolute best shot at reaching them is to use my 33% Method. Basically, for every fitness goal you set, you should set 2 goals that have nothing to do with fitness like improving your career, setting a financial goal, having a goal about your relationship or family, or maybe even a goal about thinking more positively. The fact is, when things are going well for someone outside of fitness, they are much more likely to persevere through the trials and challenges of a healthier fitness journey.

From the word Go, reaching fitness goals are much more about our world outside of fitness, and if we can progress there, the road to reaching our fitness goals will take us to exactly where we want to be, a heck of a lot more often.

Bobby Whisnand has spent nearly three decades using his knowledge, passion, and Texas-sized energy to motivate thousands to live their best lives possible. Endorsed by doctors, surgeons and other specialists across multiple disciplines Whisnand has helped thousands of patients, companies, and associations reach unprecedented levels of wellness.

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