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World’s Best Marketing Conferences

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No matter the size of your company or the market your organization operates in, good marketing is always a key to success. If you want your organization to be visible in the competitive environment, it is necessary to adapt to it by mastering the latest marketing trends and tools.
To bring your organization the best marketing strategies possible, there’s not a better source of inspiration than learning from the world’s top professionals in the industry.
Attending marketing events provides a unique access to valuable information and techniques that can become great assets in your organization’s portfolio of skills.
To find the best conference to attend, it is important to clearly define what you wish to get out of it.
Do you find useful to connect with some of the business keynote speakers on more of a personal level? Do you enjoy rather quiet, intimate atmosphere of an event? If networking and establishing new connections is your desired outcome, then attending rather smaller marketing events might be the most beneficial opportunity for you.
Do you wish to become a part of vibrant, international environment consisting of the biggest and most influential brands on the market? If your motivation for attending a marketing conference is the inspiration from the world’s leading brands, you are more likely to find these on events of larger size.
There is a whole number of factors that should influence your choice of the best fitting event for you to attend.
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We also provide a wide range of experienced keynote speakers on marketing, in case that you are planning your own event:


Grant Leboff

Our keynote speaker Grant Leboff is one of the UK’s foremost experts on Sales and Marketing.



Ken Hughes

Keynote speaker Ken Hughes is a global thought-leader in the fields of Shopper Marketing and Shopper Centricity, Omnichannel and Digital Strategy, and Retail Futurology.


To help you to find the event that fits your needs the best, we have created a list of some of the most interesting ones across the USA, Europe and Australia:

The Gathering

The biggest event of its kind in Northern America (Banff, Canada) that focuses on marketing strategies of brands that became a “cult” and their unique connection with the consumers. The Gathering offers speeches held by representatives of some of the world’s most iconic brands such as Spotify, Skittles, IBM, Dropbox, Lush or Marvel.
If you want to get inspiration from the most successful brands of all times, mark February in your calendar.

B2B Marketing Exchange

Another huge marketing event happening in February. Workshops, seminars and talks focused on b2b marketing with keynote speakers from Siemens, Google, Oracle and many others. This event is ideal especially for b2b marketers and strategists, as it is great for networking and education. Takes place in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Unique annual gathering of digital marketing professionals, analysts and experienced leaders of the industry. Number of talks, discussions as well as cozy social events.
SUPERWEEK covers five days of January in Budapest, Hungary, and is known for its warm, informal atmosphere.

Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

September in Cleveland, Ohio. Professionals from brands like Volvo, Nestlé, Microsoft or TripAdvisor have prepared over 120 sessions and workshops for the marketers and entrepreneurs attending.

The Marketing Festival

One of the biggest marketing events in Europe happens in March in Prague, Czech Republic. Offers networking with marketing and date experts, journalists and academics. Lecturing, storytelling, socializing – that and much more is what you can expect in the heart of Europe.

B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

In May in Sydney, Australia, APAC’s largest b2b marketing conference takes place. Diverse meeting point focused on growth, revenue, branding and leadership enables startups and small businesses to meet and learn from the market leaders. Based on your preferred location you can choose from three sister events having the same principle – Sydney, Melbourne or Singapore.

The Brand Marketing Summit

Another to-go-to marketing event happening in May, this time in San Francisco, California.
Two days of learning, networking and inspiration divided into different themes, so any visitor can easily pick topics & speakers he is interested in the most. With keynote speakers from National Geographic, AirBnb, Heineken or Forbes, there’s no doubt that the conference has a lot to offer.

Advertising Week

Digital marketing and social media focused event happening annually in September in New York, USA. Celebrity guests such as Serena Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow or Tony Hawk speaking about their keys of success, together with attending brands including Disney, Facebook, Nike, Verizon and many others. That is a promising mix that guarantees an amazing, unforgettable experience.

We offer a wide range of marketing speakers

Regardless of the type of experience you are seeking, generally it is strongly advised not to underestimate the initial research. The conferences can differ quite a lot by the size, the main focus, topics covered, target audience, etc.
And so differ the entrance fees, therefore you need to think of the participation as an investment in the future growth of your organization as well as you as an individual.
We cover a wide range of professional keynote speakers on marketing and various related trending topics, such as branding, social media, sales, marketing strategies and many others.



Chris Kubbernus

Branding speaker Chris Kubbernus, also known as Chris Kubby, is an expert on marketing and social media for businesses.  Chris Kubby has spoken across the world on all things marketing and entrepreneurship and continues to blow his audiences’ mind with his simple strategies.


JP Kuehlwein

In 2015, keynote speaker JP Kuehlwein was named ‘Inspirational Marketer of the Year’ by the Association of National Advertisers/The Internationalist. In his talks, JP draws on his 20+ years of hands-on experience in successfully creating or re-staging brands that have grown to generate over a billion dollars in combined incremental sales annually around the world.

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