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Boost Your Creativity in the Age of AI

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Enhancing Your Profession and Creativity in the AI Era

You might not feel it yet if you work in a big company, but a profound shift in our way of working is unfolding.

A revolution in the realm of artificial intelligence is underway, soon to be bolstered by increasingly powerful quantum computers.

ChatGPT4 has already demonstrated its capability for creativity, problem-solving, intelligently processing data, and accomplishing in seconds tasks that would take us hours. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It is exciting and scary at the same time and we can ask ourselves the questions:
If AI can do everything better than us tomorrow, what will be left for us?”, “Am I still irreplaceable and unique in my job, as a human? If yes, how so?”.

A Personal Tale of Transformation in the AI Era

As a solopreneur -magician and keynote speaker, wearing multiple hats is a big part of my daily job. So, I, like many other entrepreneurs, eagerly embraced the new AI tools we hear so much about, and these cutting-edge technologies revolutionized my daily routine.

I used to hire interns and apprentices for marketing, and freelancers who helped me in organizing my work, subtitling my videos, and writing for my blog and social media.

Today, they’ve all been replaced by tools like ChatGPT4, Canva, Calendly, Trello (where I’ve automated numerous task).

Now, I find myself with more time, saved emotional energy, and cost savings. I can focus more on the content of my keynotes, workshops and… on my magic.

The Difference Between a Machine and You

If you’d like to take full advantage of those AI tools here and there, I believe it is useful to know about the main distinctions between the creativity AI can exhibit and yours. Here are 3 primary differences:

Meaning and Context

While AI can produce a mesmerizing music piece from data, it doesn’t truly understand music, why it evokes specific emotions, or why one composition is aesthetically pleasing while another is not. The same goes for visuals.

Humans, on the other hand, create solutions or put ideas into practice because they resonate with their beliefs and community, backed by a deep understanding of the context and cultural and societal nuances.

Emotions and Experiences

Human creativity is imbued with a rich tapestry of life experiences that have given birth to emotions and intuitions. It’s a personal, unconscious process, driven by a blend of chemical, hormonal, and somewhat mysterious factors.

Imagination and Vision

Then there’s imagination. Daydreaming and out-of-the-box thinking fuel our ability to question. We can ask, “What if?” envision scenarios, possibilities, and ideas that aren’t yet a reality, creating novel connections between diverse concepts. While AI might aid in executing these concepts, the inspiration and imagination to devise them are intrinsically human traits – at least for the foreseeable future.

Think Hybrid

Given those differences, we can see that our role increasingly becomes that of directors and designers, guiding these tools towards creative goals only we can envision. This is why creativity workshops in companies, exist to help teams express their ingenuity.

If you manage to merge your own inventive flair with the potent capabilities of AI, countless previously unthinkable projects and creations could emerge.

Far from being doomed, I like to believe that AI, despite its challenges, will empower us with more meaningful work.

Say goodbye to tedious data entries, rephrasing your notes, or performing monotonous tasks. One click, and a super-intelligent assistant will handle it for you, create connections between different concepts… and even help your brainstorm on certain topics, leaving you with the unique reasons your employer hired you for.

So dream big, empower yourself, and leverage AI to reach greater heights!

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