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Interview with Marcel Bullinga

In his interview with A-Speakers futurist Marcel Bullinga points out the essential changes in future education and the perspectives of the digital world. Will we all be substituted by robots? Is the school as we know it still a valid concept. Learn more in the interview below.

Who or what inspires you most?

The ordinary people I meet during my presentations, who struggle to keep up with the pace of change. If robots steal 47% of all our jobs, is yours maybe one of them? I hope to inspire them just a tiny bit to find the right ways to cope.


How did you become a futurist?

I am curious. I want to know what is happening in that wide, wide world.


What will a 100 percent virtual world, referring to your prediction in the book “Welcome to the Future Cloud” look like?

Everything we do will be rooted in the virtual world. Going to school, driving to the office, starting a family, coping with robots, developing futureproof organisations, trying to be happy – the whole charade. Sorry – skip the “driving to the office” part. Of course we don’t go to do that anymore.


How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

Very important! I learned it the hard way, it took me years. Humour helps to create a nice atmosphere. And it eases the sometimes harsh truth. Thinking about the future is like looking in a mirror.


Can you provide 3 essential changes that we will be confronted with in the future of education?

Funny that you ask. I just gave a presentation about the future of education for 1000 teachers. 1. Our children will need to learn less. This trend is called deskilling. 2. They will have complete control over their life long education, due to robot teachers. 3. The educational industry wil face an explosion of new competitors and new jobs. Being a teacher is easy, but staying it, that is the challenge. Is that enough for now?

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