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Interview with Adventurer Squash Falconer

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Introducing Squash Falconer, a name closely associated with adventure and daring exploits. In this exclusive interview, Squash shares pivotal moments from her daring escapades and the profound lessons they’ve imparted. From enduring an endurance race to becoming the first British woman to paraglide from Mont Blanc’s summit, Squash’s journey epitomizes resilience, teamwork, and audacious goal-setting.

Join us as we delve into her adventures and discover how her experiences translate into powerful messages of inspiration and transformation for corporate audiences

Can you share any pivotal moments from your adventures that shaped your outlook on challenges and achievements?

The first pivotal moment for me was when I learned the power of resilience and teamwork during an endurance adventure race when I was 20. I hit the wall and thought I was ‘done’, my team pulled me through! It taught me that with the right team and mindset, we can overcome any challenge and when we think we’re done often we’re nowhere near done.

The next pivotal moment was my feet touching the earth when I landed on my paraglider, having flown from the summit of Mt Blanc, becoming the first British woman to do so. It was such an audacious goal – to ride a motorbike from the UK, to the foot of Mt Blanc, climb it and then fly from the summit! But more than any other challenge this one taught me we can do incredible things, set huge goals, overcome obstacles, relentlessly pushing forward to find a way and achieve what we once perhaps thought was impossible. It was this trip that made me think Everest was perhaps something I could do.

How did riding your motorbike from the UK to Mont Blanc contribute to your overall experience, and what lessons from the journey have translated into your professional life?

Riding my motorbike from the UK to Mont Blanc was a dream I’d had since I passed my motorbike test. I loved the idea of riding my bike down into the South of France along the tree lined roads. It was a test of resilience and adaptability. It taught me the importance of preparation and staying focused on the journey ahead, which translates into staying agile and goal-oriented in professional endeavours. I loved it!

To incorporate this as part of my trip, which was three parts – riding the motorbike to Mt Blanc, climbing Mt Blanc and then paragliding from the summit – added another dimension. Often when we do projects or tasks at work, there are several parts. Riding the motorbike required different tools and skills and was less of a physical challenge than the climb and fly. It taught me in my professional life to embrace all parts of the work/the journey and understand they can be very different. This helps me to work out how to approach things, how to pace myself and deliver what is needed for each part.

Resilience, teamwork, adaptability, and leadership played a crucial role in your adventures, can you share how you convey these in your keynotes for corporate audiences?

In my keynotes, from the concept of my ideas, to turning them into a reality I bring real-life stories to illustrate the importance of resilience, teamwork, adaptability, and leadership. I share examples where these skills impact the outcomes and demonstrate how they each play crucial roles during an expedition. I engage audiences by highlighting how these qualities can drive success and innovation within corporate environments.

In facing diverse terrains and high-pressure situations, how do you maintain composure and make critical decisions applicable to dynamic corporate environments?

My experiences have given me invaluable evidence of how we can perform under extreme pressure and in high stress environments. Facing diverse terrains and high-pressure situations requires a calm and focused approach. I emphasize the importance of clear communication, strategic thinking, and leveraging team strengths to make critical decisions applicable to dynamic corporate environments. Maintaining composure and making critical decisions are skills, with exposure and learning, like a muscle they can be trained.

Your ability to engage the audience on a personal level is a standout feature of your keynotes. Can you share how you ensure that your messages resonate with individuals on a personal and professional level?

I connect with audiences by sharing authentic stories and insights that resonate on a personal and professional level. I bring my true, real, vulnerable self to the stage. By weaving in relatable experiences and lessons learned, I ensure that my messages leave a lasting impact.

How did your remarkable journey as an adventurer and mountaineer lead you to venture into keynote speaking?

My Mt Blanc adventure was broadcast on the BBC and received a lot of media coverage. I was contacted soon after and asked to share my experiences. I soon realised I was as passionate about sharing my adventures as I was doing them. Keynote speaking was a natural way to share my experiences, inspire and motivate others to overcome their own challenges and achieve their goals and dreams.

Collaborating with brands like BMW and creating adventure documentaries, how has multimedia enhanced your storytelling, and what impact do you aim for on your audience?

Collaborating with brands like BMW has allowed me to enhance storytelling through multimedia. Being able to see the environments I am in by sharing photos and footage I aim to inspire audiences by showcasing the power of human potential and the thrill of adventure in my documentaries, leaving a lasting impact.

In constantly adapting to changing environments, how do you approach challenges requiring quick thinking, and how can organizations foster adaptability and innovation based on your experiences?

I approach challenges requiring quick thinking by staying adaptable and open to new ideas. I have a bank of experiences that I can draw on for evidence that I can adapt to change and take on massive challenges. We all have evidence of that from our experiences and I encourage people to recognise their own. Organizations can foster adaptability and innovation by encouraging a culture of being brave, learning, experimentation, and collaboration.

Your self-shot short films have gained acclaim. How do you leverage visual storytelling to complement your speaking engagements, and what role do you think multimedia plays in conveying the essence of your adventures to a wider audience?

Visual storytelling complements my speaking engagements by adding depth and emotion to my adventures. Multimedia allows me to transport audiences into the heart of the action, inspiring them to embrace change and pursue their aspirations.

As a living testament to human potential and resilience, what message do you aim to leave with organizations and individuals when they book you as a keynote speaker, and how do you inspire lasting positive change within the teams you address?

I hope to leave a lasting impression on my audiences. To ignite a spark, stir something up inside of them that entertains, inspires, motivates, but most importantly gives a message – whatever their dream, goal or plan is, to go for it.

The journey there might not be as expected BUT there’s really nothing quite like that feeling of energy, spirit and life that runs through every part of our bodies and minds when we take action.

As a keynote speaker, my aim is to inspire organizations and individuals to embrace resilience, teamwork, and innovation in the face of adversity. I hope to leave them with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to positive change within themselves, their teams and communities.

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