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The Trillion Dollar Shift: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

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Speaker Marga Hoek has published a new and exciting book on achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs)! This engaging book is a must-read for businesses (large and small) that wish to genuinely support the delivery of SDGs and create sustainable value.

“Business for good is good business”

Over the past 3 decades we’ve seen great social improvements… Fast paced technological developments help us solve our most pressing social and environmental challenges. Yet our current model of development still seems deeply problematic. Natural disasters, violence and unemployment still prevail.

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, The Trillion Dollar Shift shows how business and capital now have a real opportunity to help resolve these problems. In Marga Hoek’s new book, you’ll find clear examples and cases of how businesses are making a difference, relevant facts and figures to support the cases.

Setting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) drives change and offers a narrative and an opportunity to all to speak in one language on sustainability. We have clear targets for 2030, are you working towards the SDGs? and will you make the much-needed Trillion Dollar Shift?

Buy the book on amazon here.

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