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Name tags or not – Why it is a good idea to know each other’s names

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Are you organising a seminar or a large speaker event where you need name tags? Name tags are particularly useful if you plan to do networking during the event or in breaks. It enables guests to recognize each other, providing better chances for networking.

If you have decided to make name tags there are a few important things to remember to make sure they will prove successful during your event or seminar.

First off make sure you make time for gathering contact info from guests as well as designing, cutting and assembling your name tags. If you are planning a large event you also need time to alphabetise the name tags or sort them by company name. It might be a good idea to assign a colleague of sorts to be responsible for the name tags and also make sure they are handed out, keeping track of how many people showed up, who did not show, etc.

There are also a few things to consider in terms of graphical design. Did you use a font that is easy and big enough to actually read?

Also consider if you want name tags with needles as some guests might feel this can ruin their clothes. The best name tags have big and easy-to-read letters, name and company names, the essential, and they are hangers with holes for a cord so that the name tag does not dangle about too much, ending up turned wrong side out. Also make sure the cords are not too long – you do not want name tags hanging too low around the stomach. It is best to keep the name tag as close to eye level as possible.


Registration, overview and recognition

Name tags are a nice means of keeping track of who showed up and who did not. It is nice to not have to check guest lists all the time and instead just have a look at the name tags. If your event takes place at a big conference hotel with various meetings and events taking place at the same time, it is helpful for speakers to be able to spot the guests belonging to their particular event – easy to recognise name tags is the way to go, as long as people remember to wear them. At seminars people often spend a whole day together, sometimes dining together as well. If there are guests and participants from various companies and divisions, name tags can prove helpful because it is easier to remember everybody’s names and where they are from. The same goes for group work. 


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