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Andrew Gordon

Directing animator at Pixar Animation Studios
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Andrew Gordon is an expert when it comes to creative culture and storytelling. He is an animator for Pixar Animation Studios and is the man behind several famous characters like Mike Machowski in Monsters Inc. and Gill in Finding Nemo. His creativity is on another level and he was awarded “Outstanding Character Animation in an Animated Motion Picture” by the Visual Effects Society for his work in Finding Nemo.

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Andrew Gordon has been an animator for Pixar Animation Studios for 20 years and has also helped educating the new generation of animators and storytellers at Pixar. He studied animation in Vancouver, NJ and NY and has previously worked with Warner Bros. Classics. He is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences.

Other than Andrew’s talent for animation, he helped create some of the most famous offices in the world: The Love Lounge and Lucky 7 Lounge. Andrew discovered a secret path from his office at Pixar that lead to a hidden room. He decided to decorate it with lava lamps and a bar, and now it is one of the most famous offices and one of Steve Jobs’ favorite places to hang out in. 

In Andrews keynotes and workshops he takes his knowledge and experience from the animation world and transfers it to the business world. Storytelling and having a creative innovative company culture can prove to be extremely efficient for many businesses. Andrew has worked with huge companies like Facebook, Pinterest and Deloitte to help leaders and managers implement strategies that show results in the long run.

    Keynote by Speaker Andrew Gordon

    The Anatomy of a Great Story

    • Better storytelling can lead to greater success for individuals, brands and organizations
    • Sometimes, important messages get lost in a net of boring information
    • Learn how to catch the attention of your audience with storytelling
    • In this practical talk Andrew takes his audience through a seven-step process to storytelling
    • Learn and discover how to use storytelling in your branding, PR and internal communication


    Keynote by Speaker Andrew Gordon

    How to Crank up Creativity – Even for Non-Creatives

    • Do you ever feel like you don’t have the time to think out of the box and be creative?
    • Creativity is essential to differentiate one company and product from another
    • In this keynote, Andrew offers practical tools and strategies to think more creatively and develop innovative products and solutions


    Keynote by Speaker Andrew Gordon

    Feedback, Iteration and Learning from Failure

    • How feedback is delivered and received can make or break a project
    • To produce some of Hollywood’s most popular films, one must know how to learn from mistakes and improve
    • “Leaders must build trust amongst their teams, communicate feedback through candid conversations, and then revisit and rethink ideas to make them better”
    • In this keynote you will learn how to solve problems, having a positive mindset and building a confident and trusting team
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