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Andy Preston

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Sales expert and energetic sales trainer recognised as one of the top sales persons in the UK sharing his best techniques

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Our keynote speaker Andy Preston’s motto is sell more. more often. The experienced top-buyer and sales-person is a highly sought-after keynote speaker with the ability to engage, motivate and inspire his attendees. Andy Preston gives trainings, workshops and keynotes where he surprises his audience with practical take-away lessons.

Andy Preston became a sales expert by taking advantage of the salespeoples’ failures he realized when working as a successful buyer. He observed and studied common mistakes of salespeople, turned them into favourable strategies and decided to put that knowledge to work in a sales role. But not just ‘any’ sales role. A sales role in a commodity market, where it was almost impossible to stand out. 150 competitors in Manchester alone. All selling the same products. The same service. The same quality. The same delivery times. Yet Andy Preston’s company was 15% more expensive than the rest!

Overcoming those challenges, Andy rose to become the Top Salesperson in the UK. Then promoted to Sales Director, he used his experiences to create ‘Stand Out Selling’ System – designed to help win business against competition. He enables his clients to understand the change in buying process from customers and prospects. He shows what techniques and understanding salespeople need to adapt in order to sell in today and tomorrow’s marketplace.

Having been a Professional Sales Speaker and Trainer for 11 years, Andy Preston has personally trained more than 60,000 salespeople, in 16 countries how to increase their sales. He brings new insights to business, challenges existing thinking, and champions relevant change. Andy Preston speaks with passion for his clients and delivers talks to inspire.

See keynotes with Andy Preston

    Keynote by Speaker Andy Preston 

    Developing A ‘Top Sales Performer’ Mind-set & Motivation Module

    In this talk Andy Preston shows the delegates how to:

    • Create a ‘Top Sales Performer’ mind-set
    • Understand the barriers that hold average salespeople back
    • Install accountability and remove excuses for underperformance
    • Deliver consistent motivation to increase sales

    Keynote by Speaker Andy Preston 

    Consultative Selling Module

    Using Andy Preston’s ‘Stand Out Selling’ Methodology and consultative selling principles, in this workshop the attendees learn

    • To be seen as a ‘Trusted Advisor’, rather than a salesperson trying to sell them something
    • Build fast rapport with clients and prospects
    • Gaining trust, credibility and respect from the client to your ideas and proposed solutions
    • The 7 keys to consultative selling

    Keynote by Speaker Andy Preston 

    ‘Smash Your Sales Targets’ Module

    Andy Preston’s Unique Sales & Motivation Methodology in this model teaches delegates to

    • Discover the secrets of top performers in sales
    • Eliminate the mistakes most salespeople make and understand what holds them back
    • How to create consistent sales motivation and sustainable drive
    • Making personal commitments to higher sales performance
    • How to smash your sales targets

    Keynote by Speaker Andy Preston 

    ’Conversational Questioning’ Module

    Using Andy’s Unique Questioning Methodology, enables delegates to

    • Build fast rapport with clients and prospects
    • Uncover clients’ REAL needs, far more than most salespeople do
    • Understand the 6 types of questions NEVER to use!
    • Develop a ‘Top 20’ of great questions that can be used on your next call!

Stand Out Selling by Andy Preston

Watch the internationally recognized sales expert Andy Preston talking about the future of sales:

See keynotes with Andy Preston
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