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Diane Hamilton

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A thought leader in the field of leadership, sales and emotional intelligence providing practical strategies

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Award-winning speaker, consultant, author and educator Diane Hamilton is the thought leader in the areas of management, leadership, sales and marketing. Her playful personality captivates the audiences which is backed by a solid background of scholarly research. Diane is regularly hired by companies such as Forbes to improve innovation and develop curiosity at the workplace.

As an experienced scholar, author and educator of emotional intelligence, Diane Hamilton instantaneously established her role as a renowned expert. Speaker Diane Hamilton is also the host of the nationally syndicated radio program, Take the Lead, interviewing the most successful entrepreneurs and inspiring people to take the lead both in their professional and personal lives.

As the author of the book Cracking the Curiosity Code and the creator of the Curiosity Code Index (CCI) Assessment, speaker Diane Hamilton is the real authority of workplace improvement. Her research-based knowledge provides a solid framework for the presentations, helping to improve innovation, productivity and engagement within the company. She works together closely with top companies such as Forbes to improve employee relationships and reduce conflict.

With speaker Diane Hamilton, a presentation is always interactive and full of practical value. By introducing real-life examples and offering ready-to-be-used strategies, she helps the organization to make a difference both inside and outside of the office. Furthermore, as a qualified Myers-Briggs instructor, Diane will assist the organisation in applying results from intelligence and personality assessments to improve key leadership skills.

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    Keynote by Speaker Diane Hamilton

    Importance of Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills to Improve Productivity

    • This speech embraces the significance of emotional intelligence, a key player in improving team cooperation. Diane will instruct the audience on how to utilize Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) to improve empathy within a diverse organisation.

    Keynote by Speaker Diane Hamilton

    Four Curiosity Killers Holding Your Career Hostage

    • Speaker Diane Hamilton designed this presentation to help to overcome the obstacles holding one back from career advancement. By learning to crack the Curiosity Code, Diane will show you how to be more productive and innovative both in the professional and personal life.

    Keynote by Speaker Diane Hamilton

    Soft Skills: What are they and why are they important for leaders?

    • In leadership, it is essential to realize the significance of soft skills to improve culture and engagement in the company – Diane will teach you all! Additionally, she will show you how to gain the best results by utilizing personality assessment skills.

    Keynote by Speaker Diane Hamilton

    The Future of the Workplace: Coexisting with Multiple Generations

    In a modern workplace, it is essential for all generations to work together effectively. For this reason, this speech was created to show how to overcome generational stereotypes by creating a diverse working environment. Furthermore, speaker Diane Hamilton also uncovers myths and truths about generations to overcome generational biases at the workplace.

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