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Dr. Cortney Baker

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Bestselling Author, Award-winning Entrepreneur & Female Leadership Speaker

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Speaker Dr. Cortney Baker inspires audiences around the world. She has given a TEDx talk and is nationally recognized authority on women’s leadership. In addition, she is a researcher and talk show host who frequently speaks on empowering female leaders to conquer the glass ceiling!

Leadership speaker Dr. Cortney Baker has been through the obstacle course of life. Overcoming challenges, including teenage pregnancy and illness, she managed to push through. She even started her own successful business! Now she inspires women around the world to overcome their obstacles and reach past the glass ceiling.

Her authentic and open speaking style complement her message of authentic leadership.

Speaker Dr. Cortney Baker holds an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership, with a focus on understanding and advancing women at the highest levels of leadership. As such, she can provide insights backed by her own research in leadership.

Not only academically educated, Dr. Baker knows from her own experiences what’s needed to be a successful leader. She is the founder and CEO of multi-million dollar healthcare organization KidsCare Home Health in Texas and Colorado. In 2016/2017 she was honoured with the title of Texas Business Woman of the Year. What’s more, her book “The Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Business Leadership: Lesson to Lead Effectively” is an Amazon #1 bestseller.

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    Speaker Dr. Cortney Baker Keynote Topics

    • UNLIMITED: Conquering the Myth of the Glass Ceiling

    In this session, the four challenges women experience when advancing their careers will be discussed, as well as strategies for women to implement to get beyond these challenges. Participants will also leave with knowledge of how their organizations can support and promote high potential women into executive-level leadership roles.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify the four main challenges women experience when advancing their careers
    2. Identify and describe strategies for women to employ to successfully advance their careers
    3. Identify organizational benefits for employing women at the executive-level



    In #MeToo. #NowWhat? the participants will learn how rampant sexual harassment has been in various industries and how the #MeToo movement has forever changed workplace dynamics. Participants will also learn how their organizations can address and successfully navigate sexual harassment conversations and claims, while discussing solutions for what men and women can do to end workplace sexual harassment.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Participants will learn how the #MeToo movement changes workplace dynamics
    2. Participants will learn #NowWhat: what they can do to build a culture of integrity and respect in their organizations
    3. Participants will identify organizational processes for handling sexual harassment claims


    • Conquering Confidence for Workplace Success

    In this evidence-based discussion, Dr. Cortney Baker shares her research and stories of how successful women struggled with confidence and strategies they employed to overcome their self-doubts. She will also review the components of confidence and give practical steps and solutions to help you conquer your self-doubts and lead confidently. Whether you want to own the boardroom or your own company, you will leave inspired and empowered to lead with courage and confidence.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Participants will identify the four distinct challenges women face when advancing their careers
    2. Participants will identify what they can do to advance gender equality in the workplace
    3. Participants will create a personal strategy for success they can implement immediately


Non-binding request for Dr. Cortney Baker

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