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Dr. David Greenfield

Leading Expert on Addictions
Country: USA

The charismatic keynote speaker Dr. David Greenfield delivers public and business talks on the nature of technology addiction, how it effects business, college and family life, and what to do to maintain healthy use levels and productivity.

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The keynote speaker David Greenfield, is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on Internet and digital media technology behavior and abuse. In 1999 he wrote the book on Virtual Addiction and has successfully treated hundreds of people for it.

He has appeared numerous times on national news and interview programs, as well as in print. As a speaker he is very charismatic and for over 20 years he has been giving public and business talks on the nature and risks of technology addiction and how to treat it.

The mainstream media has finally caught up to what Dr. Greenfield has known since 1999, and more major news articles and feature stories on Internet and Technology Addiction are now appearing weekly.

Internet and Technology Addiction is a current and growing hot button issue.

    Speaker Dr. David Greenfield Keynote Topics

    • The Internet: How it has changed our lives and where we are headed now.
    • The Nature of Addiction: Can you really be addicted to a computer and the Internet?
    • Performing a Diagnosis: What are Netheads and The 12 Warning Signs of Internet Abuse and Addiction.
    • Taming your Cybertooth Tiger: What to do to help an Internet abuser or addict?
    • Love on line: The truth about sex, love, marriage and relationships on the Internet.
    • The E-Store: Shopping, Gambling, and Investing in the World Online
    • The Web at Work: How to increase business and education productivity by managing Digital Distraction.
    • Real-time Living and Actual-Reality: How to enjoy and Benefit from Technology without being consumed by it.
    • Cyber-Children and the Internet: How to Safeguard Children and teach parents about Online dangers.
    • Stolen Time: How Internet abuse and addiction can decrease job performance and productivity.
    • How the Internet is impacting our colleges and universities.
    • The Myth of Multi-Tasking
    • Teaching teens sane use of technology
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