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Identifying your fears and learning to overcome them

Erik & Emily Orton

travels from USA

Authors, dreamers, and inspirational speakers sharing their journey through the Caribbean keys to successful change

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This husband and wife dynamic duo are the authors of the book "Seven at Sea" and lifestyle speakers. This compelling couple shares their experiences of how their journey through the Caribbean created an outpouring experience of family growth and personal success.

Why book speakers Erik & Emily Orton?

  • They are personable. All of Erik & Emily’s keynotes derive from a personal space of growth as they show how they’ve dominated and overcome their obstacles as a family.
  • Speakers Erik & Emily Orton have discovered many of life’s challenges in, for many, an unconventional way. Their alternative approach can be an example to many organizations since it touches many aspects of a progressive mentality. 
  • This couple can present in both English and Spanish!

“Define what matters most to you, push past fears and excuses, and ask yourself, what could go right?”- Speaker Erik Orton.

“We believe you could customize a more confident, creative life centered around what matters most to you” – Speaker Emily Orton.

With charm, humor, and insight, speakers Erik and Emily Orton inspire audiences to live and work deliberately, dream with discipline, and do what matters most in life. The New York Times named their book, Seven at Sea: Why a New York City Family Cast Off Convention for a Life-Changing Year on a Sailboat, the top travel read in its 2019 Summer Book Review.

These delightful keynote speakers share the wisdom gained as they went from “broke” rookies to bootstrapping sailors, sailing for a year with their five children from the Caribbean back to Manhattan. They teach and inspire others to overcome fear, tackle the unconventional, creatively solve problems, navigate change, and align decisions with authentic convictions. They believe life does not have to be lived by default, swept along by the currents of consensus, but that each person’s work and life can be a custom fit, tailored to their actual values.

Erik is an Emmy Award-winning writer and theatre producer. Emily is a public school teacher turned homeschool mom and writer. Erik and Emily continue to travel the world with their children. In 2019 they completed a five-month trip across Europe via sailboat and VW van and also spent five months in the Pacific (Hawaii and New Zealand).

This dynamic duo will share their stories and insight on how to live your life on your terms.

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Special Virtual Keynote by speakers Erik & Emily Orton

Three Kinds of Confidence

Living on a sailboat and traveling the world via planes, vans, boats,
speakers Erik & Emily have gained three kinds of confidence in which they conclude inspire audience members.

Audience takeaways:

  • Competency
  • Credibility
  • Calmness.
  • You don’t need to travel the world to learn these yourself. We share how every parent can claim these confidences and peace amidst uncertainty
Special Virtual Keynote by speakers Erik & Emily Orton

Working from Home #wfh

Balancing parenting and work life is a constant challenge. As authors
and speakers who spend a lot of me together in close proximity to each other and our children, we understand this grand opportunity for friction.

Audience takeaways:

  • Tips and techniques on how to create routines and parameters that restore peace and balance in a space that is school, office and home all rolled up into one.
Special Virtual Keynote by speaker Erik & Emily Orton

Turning Worry into Wonder

Our imagination works in two directions. We use it to think of all
the things that could go wrong: worry. We can use it to think about all things that could go right: wonder.

Audience takeaways:

  • If we’re intellectually honest, we explore both sides, but most of us lean into worry.
  • We share practical advice on how to turn worry into wonder and harness your imagination to create positive, peaceful outcomes.
Special Virtual keynote by speakers Erik & Emily Orton

Suddenly Homeschooling

Basic tips on how to navigate the early days and weeks homeschooling. We’ve home schooled our five children in NYC since 2007.

Audience takeaways:

  • Learning simple do’s and don’ts about homeschooling.
  • The importance of not recreating your child’s regular school at home.
Keynote by speakers Erik & Emily Orton

Living Deliberately

It can seem impossible to be a responsible parent, provider and partner and still live your dreams. Erik and Emily bootstrapped themselves from broke beginners to living on a sailboat for a year in the Caribbean with their five children, and continue exploring the globe through adventures in travel, business and learning.

In their keynote, they share:

  • How to overcome fear to create positive change
  • How to transform excuses into reasons
  • How to cultivate peace through three kinds of confidence
Keynote by speakers Erik and Emily Orton

Anchor in Happiness

Many people are not as happy as they want to be. They are swept along by the tide of other people’s priorities. Erik and Emily battled these currents in their professional, home and personal lives. Through learning to cast off convention and sail for a year with their five children, they discovered a path that has lead them to a life of world travel, family unity, personal fulfillment, financial prosperity and greater purpose.

In this keynote they share:

  • How to create a life true to your values
  • Why deeper fulfillment awaits on the other side of fear
  •  Understanding your ability to create the change you want in your life
Keynote by speakers Erik & Emily

What could go right?

Responsible people and organizations spend precious time and resources answering the question: What’s the worst that could happen? But what if we also asked, What could go right? Erik and Emily have spent the past five years leaning into the serendipity of this question and discovered the surprising results.

In this keynote, they share:

  • Why embracing uncertainty is crucial
  • How to get comfortable being uncomfortable
  •  The necessity of disruption to find long term fulfillment
  •  How to steadily and peacefully navigate change
Video by speakers Erik & Emily Orton

Catch this duo in action!

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Speakers Erik & Emily Orton's video interview

Speakers Erik & Emily Orton's personable interview below:

See keynotes with Erik & Emily Orton
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