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Frans van Loef

Frans van Loef

Organisation and Strategy Expert
Country: Netherlands

Keynote speaker Frans van Loef has acted as a CEO for a wide range of organisations in many international sectors during their strategic change phases. He is the author of a successful management book “Stoppen met stapelen”, which is due to be published in English in the autumn of 2016, and is a regular speaker at conferences and congresses. He supervises his projects in Dutch and in English.

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Most organisations have two invariably scarce resources that are essential in terms of speed and effectiveness: money and organisational capacity (time & talent). It almost goes without saying that every organisation tries to keep a tight hold on money, but the same cannot be said of organisational capacity, where wastage of up to 20% is considered entirely normal, a fact that has been confirmed in recent publications by experts like Harvard and Bain.

For many years now, a simple lack of time has featured in the top 3 of the most difficult obstacles to executing strategy. Frans van Loef is an expert in the areas of strategy execution and freeing up organisational capacity who has helped the management teams of many organisations to resolve these issues. Unlocking capacity can be achieved very swiftly when the organisation is mobilized into action at every level; it is not a top-down activity, as it is usually those situated deep within an organisation who know best how to locate ‘waste’. And the ability to manage organisational capacity is also essential in organisations that are becoming more and more self-managing.

This approach to freeing up capacity can be set in motion at any moment – a major plus given the increasing demand these days for organisations to be agile in their operations.

Frans van Loef has acted as a CEO for a wide range of organisations in many international sectors during their strategic change phases. He supervises his projects in Dutch and in English.

    Keynote by Speaker Frans van Loef

    Strategy Execution, Where Can I Find the Time?

    • How can you and your team unlock the time you need? How can you prevent “the daily grind” from dominating and dictating your operations? How do you deal with colleagues and superiors who bring a constant stream of new ideas to your door? 5 insights that will make all the difference if you want to be successful with your strategic goals. Without adding any extra complexity!


    Keynote by Speaker Frans van Loef

    20% Free Capacity In 8 Weeks, What Could That Mean For You?

    • What are the 5 steps you can use to unlock 20% of your organisational capacity? How do you act on it and how do you prevent that free capacity from ‘going up in smoke’ again? You will discover how this approach can also reduce the level of complexity within your organisation. What happens to your organisation when you are able to use that free capacity for the things that really matter? How can you ensure the optimal use of talent? This approach provides you with a hands-on way of creating an agile organization!


    Keynote by Speaker Frans van Loef

    Reducing Workload At The Collective Level

    • Too much workload at the collective level (department/organisation segment) is different to the workload at the individual level. How do you recognise this and what can you do about it? How can you find out whether too much is being demanded of teams/departments? How should you manage this after a reorganisation, for example, in which some colleagues will have left but much of the work they were doing is simply handed on to those left behind.
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