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Increase productivity and your bottom line with Galit's 27 years experience with building successful businesses and teams.

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Experience transformation with Galit Ventura-Rozen: An internationally acclaimed keynote speaker. Empower your team through proven strategies in mindset, communication, and leadership. Elevate success, boost productivity, and drive results. Book now for expertise combined with logical steps to empower your employees/attendees to success.

Why you should book Galit Ventura-Rozen for your next event

  • She combines her 25+ years experience as an entrepreneur with her masters in Therapy and shows entrepreneurs and professionals how to succeed through leadership, mindset, sales, business and more!!!
  • She is an engaging and inspirational speaker that keeps the audience engaged, involves the audience and breaks down step by step how to succeed in everything you do.
  • The audience walks away with logical steps they can implement immediately into their job or business

With a track record that spans over 25 years as a successful commercial real estate broker, Galit Ventura-Rozen seamlessly transitioned into a globally recognized motivational speaker and advocate for personal growth and empowerment. As a keynote speaker, her unique ability to captivate audiences goes beyond sharing her extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, where she has facilitated transactions worth over $700 million.

Galit’s journey isn’t just about numbers and deals; it’s about transforming mindsets and inspiring change. Holding a Master’s degree in Therapy, her insights are rooted in a deep understanding of human behavior, empowerment, and leadership dynamics. Her diverse background allows her to address not only the practical aspects of success but also the emotional and psychological factors that underpin it.

Her recognition goes beyond her achievements in real estate. Featured on major networks such as ABC, NBC, and Fox, Galit has emerged as a motivational force on an international scale. Her dedication to empowerment, particularly for women in business, has earned her accolades and awards that recognize her impact on the professional landscape.

When you bring Galit Ventura-Rozen to your event, you’re not just booking a speaker; you’re securing a catalyst for transformation. Her engaging style and relatable journey resonate with audiences, leaving them equipped with actionable tools to enhance communication, embrace leadership, and cultivate success mindsets.

Galit’s story serves as an embodiment of her core message: success isn’t confined to a single path. With her guidance, your organization can tap into its limitless potential, unearthing new avenues for growth, collaboration, and innovation. Embrace the opportunity to experience the transformative power of Galit Ventura-Rozen’s insights and elevate your event to new heights.

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Keynote by speaker Galit Ventura-Rozen

Key Ingredients for Achieving Success in the real estate Industry

Achieving success in the real estate industry requires a combination of various key ingredients. Here are three essential elements to consider:

  • Knowledge and Expertise: To excel in real estate, it is crucial to have a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise in the industry. This includes understanding market trends, local regulations, financial analysis, property valuation, negotiation skills, and more. Continuously investing in education, staying updated with industry news and developments, and networking with other professionals can help expand knowledge and expertise in real estate.
  • Building a Strong Network: Networking plays a vital role in the real estate industry. Building relationships with fellow professionals, such as agents, brokers, investors, lenders, contractors, and mentors, can open up opportunities for partnerships, referrals, and valuable insights. Attending industry events, joining real estate associations, participating in online forums, and actively seeking out networking opportunities can help expand and nurture a strong network.
  • Adaptability and Resilience: The real estate industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Successful professionals in this field possess the ability to adapt to market shifts, changing customer demands, and emerging technologies. Being resilient in the face of challenges, such as economic downturns or unexpected obstacles, is essential. Developing problem-solving skills, having a flexible mindset, and embracing innovation can contribute to long-term success in the real estate industry.

By combining knowledge, building a strong network, and cultivating adaptability and resilience, individuals can lay a solid foundation for achieving success in the real estate industry.

Keynote by speaker Galit Ventura-Rozen

The Sales Success Method

The word “sales” has developed a negative connotation over the years, bringing to mind aggressive cold calls and pushy salespeople who won’t take no for an answer. But sales is the lifeblood of any business. You have to know how to sell the right thing to the right people at the right time to thrive.

Sales success isn’t selfish or predatory — quite the opposite. I define sales success as a mutually beneficial transaction between your company and your customer. You provide exactly the product or service they need, and you both win.

In this presentation I cover  simple strategies for sales success that I’ve refined through my work as a sales success expert and commercial real estate broker for over 25 years.

Keynote by speaker Galit Ventura-Rozen

Building Relationships to Maximize Sales

One of the biggest mistakes people in sales make is immediately selling to someone they have not built a relationship with.  Trust is a big factor in making the sale.  How is trust built?  Through Relationships.

In this presentation I cover the 3 C’s to building business relationships in order to increase sales goals.

  • Building Relationships through current clients
  •  Collaborating with like companies
  •  Making new connections through networking to have a steady stream of referrals to increase income.
Keynote by speaker Galit Ventura-Rozen

The Successful Mindset

You can have all the tools, structure, and guidance in the world and still not have the mindset to be  successful. The most successful people embody certain characteristics to give them the guidance to be successful. They also recognize obstacles within themselves may arise and conquer them.

In this presentation I cover characteristics of the successful person and how to implement them into your business or life to work for you.

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What can I say, you knocked it out of the park! Within less than an hour, you had our team superpumped about aligning their personal goals to the company goals. Having just come off revealing the enormous task ahead, you came in and helped them feel at ease about the goals the company set AND provided them a helpful roadmap for getting what they want inside the context of also helping the company. I’m looking forward to the next session.

Kendall Kunz

Founder & CEO, Forms On Fire, Inc.

Galit Ventura-Rozen was a Keynote Speaker at our Hey Girl Women & Wellness Conference March 10-12, 2023. Her topic on Choosing Happiness was an intimate, inspiring, and refreshing chat about overcoming challenges, learning from past experiences, and boosting one’s overall happiness. Galit has a way of speaking like she’s known you for years, making you feel safe, comforted, and motivated. A few comments from our Post-Conference Survey says Galit was “very easy to understand”, “extremely nice and went out of her way to speak to people outside of her session”, and “a very sweet and positive person”. Galit, thank you for bringing your sunshine and warming our cold Canadian town of North Battleford. We certainly hope to work with you again!

Kayla Vany

BASAC, Battlefords and Area Sexual Assault Centre

On behalf of MTE and the entire ConvExx team, we would like to thank you for speaking at the Las Vegas Expo and making Education Day a success. Your presentation was excellent and received great reviews from our attendees. We appreciate you sharing your time, talent, and expertise with us. We look forward to working with you in the future and wish you great success throughout the remainder of 2021 and beyond!

Susan Schwartz and Kathryn Rae


On behalf of our entire CREW Las Vegas Board of Directors, I want to say thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us at our July 2021 Luncheon. Your presentation on The Three Cs: Client, Collaborate and Connect, was informative, engaging and downright entertaining. The feedback from our membership and guest attendees was overwhelmingly positive. The overall response wasthat you provided concrete takeaways that were applicable to our members’ everyday careers, as well as their personal lives. I particularly enjoyed your take on negotiation and have since utilized many of your techniques. Having a background in commercial real estate made your presentation even more relatable, and the skills you shared were directly applicable. I can always gauge how well a program goes by the amount of questions we receive during the Q&A, and I only wish we had had more time to answer every single question. There’s no doubt that our members and guestsreceived invaluable information on how to advance their careers and accomplish their goals. Thank you for supporting CREW, for sharing your expertise with us and for being a valued resource to our community. We hope to have you back in the coming years.

Samantha Flaherty

2021 President – CREW Las Vegas
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