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Gary Bradt

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Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Change Expert with a with an honorable doctorate in clinical psychology

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Keynote speaker Gary Bradt is exceptionally qualified to deliver advice, counsel and strategies on the subject of change. He is a world-class speaker and provides practical tools and guidance on how to lead through change and tough times.

Speaker Gary Bradt provides employees with more strategies to adapt to change with a growth mindset and resilient spirit are critical competencies that Dr. Gary Bradt has been teaching C-Suite leaders in Fortune 500s for 25+ years. Today, he is being called upon by leading corporations to share his practical and actionable tools for change with employees at every level, so they can embrace change and create a positive path forward both professionally and personally. Dr. Bradt’s unique background and perspective make him a one-of-a-kind speaker on emotional intelligence, change, and leadership. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Bradt shares relevant research from neuroscience and positive psychology to help leaders and people at every level approach change with a positive perspective.

As a business owner with 25+ years of experience coaching C-level executives, Dr. Bradt passes on practical strategies and tactics that businesspeople quickly comprehend and apply. As a thought leader on change and leadership, he is a contributing writer to Forbes.com and the author of three books on change. Most importantly, however, Dr. Bradt is a father, who speaks from the heart about the tragedies, triumphs, and lessons he’s learned from raising a child with a chronic life-threatening heart condition. It is no wonder, then, that the late Spencer Johnson asked Dr. Bradt to be the leading speaker worldwide for one of the bestselling business books of all time, Johnson Who Moved My Cheese? More than 300 keynotes and twenty-years later, Dr. Bradt is as passionate as ever about helping people find the opportunity that change always creates. He will inspire and empower your audience to change and win today.

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Keynote by speaker Gary Bradt

The Science and Heart of Finding Opportunity In Uncertainty.

The global pandemic has created a period of change that is by all accounts disruptive, unrelenting, and at times completely debilitating. Leaders, teams, and individual contributors alike are in uncharted waters and the one integral, unifying thread is our humanity. We are in a place where we need to look at how this change is affecting us as individuals first, and then translate that change into our respective roles.

While we cannot always choose what change will come in our path, with the right mindset and strategies, we can choose how to move forward. This is Dr. Gary Bradt’s goal, as he shares the Five Fundamental Choices that change presents us with and that how you choose to go forward will make a bigger impact on your life than the change itself.

Audience takeaways:

  • ADOPT an opportunity mindset and start moving fast toward positive goals and outcomes.
  • LET GO of what is holding you back, and recognize what is possible.
  • NURTURE relationships and build a foundation of strength, trust, and mutual support.
  • PRACTICE courageous optimism and share ideas openly to find new solutions.
  • GROW where you’re planted and move forward with positive determination and confidence.
Keynote by speaker Gary Bradt

Psychologist, C-Suite Executive Consultant, and respected Author on Change Dr. Gary Bradt shares real stories and research-based strategies for how you can take control and create more well-being and contentment even in these trying times. He’ll debunk popular myths of what you think will make you happy and replace those concepts with data-driven strategies to achieve more consistent and sustainable happiness and a sense of well-being.

Audience takeaways:

  • Understand the science of happiness. Learn why our brains are hardwired to see what is wrong with any situation, and how you can also learn new techniques to help your brain see the positive.
  • Learn techniques for connecting in more meaningful ways to your colleagues and those closest to you to build more trust and collaboration, especially during times of challenge.
  • Discover simple daily practices to bring more joy, optimism and positive energy to your life, and to be a beacon for the same for those you touch.
  • Highlight the positives in life and be more resilient when change and challenge disrupt your day.
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Let Go of the Past - Business Motivational Speaker Gary Bradt

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Interview with Gary Bradt

What do people gain from your keynotes?
The inspiration and practical tools they need to successfully lead themselves and others through change.

What are your top three tips for organizations seeking to get through change successfully?

  • Let people know why change is necessary.
  • Let them know how they will benefit.
  • Repeat. You need to repeat the messages in 1 & 2 continuously and in as many forums and mediums as possible to make change stick.

What is your favorite experience you have had as a keynote speaker?
When people have shared with me that my message and tools have helped them successfully navigate a significant change in their life, either professionally or personally.

How do your life experiences influence your keynotes?
Completely. I am a psychologist, but most of what I have learned and have come to share with my audiences has come from living my life and paying attention, making mistakes, and learning as I go.

How do you manage to empower and motivate people?
By being genuine and authentic. When I open up and honestly share with people from both my head and my heart, they tend to feel empowered to do the same in their life situations and challenges, whatever they may be.

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