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Harry Freedman

Stand-up Comedian and Emcee who will bring life and laughter to any event while leaving the audience feeling energized and connected
Country: USA

Comedian and keynote speaker Harry Freedman is not just any guy. He has done several comedy shows from Las Vegas to the corporate room. Harry is a naturally funny guy with the ability to make anyone roll with laughter. His corporate put-on is a unique way of entertaining and creating an event you will never forget.

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Why you should book speaker Harry Freedman

  • If you really wish to bring something special and unforgettable to an event, Harry’s corporate put-ons won’t disappoint. Harry is typically introduced as an industry expert and ends up having everyone laughing at something completely unexpected. By now, Harry has done it so many times that he will make you believe anything. He’s been everything from a healthcare expert to the new Vice President!
  • Harry has always been funny. He was the funny guy in school and he never resisted trying to make people laugh. Before becoming a stand-up comedian, he was a writer for a humor magazine and feature writer for a Miami Beach Newsweekly.
  • Humor and stand-up comedy has a way of bringing everyone together while making them feel happy and energized. Whether it’s to kick-start an event or end a corporate conference, Harry’s keynotes and presentations will leave your audience with new-found energy!

Harry Freedman has made people laugh from a very young stage, and after 3 semesters of law school, he still couldn’t let go of his dream. His first stand-up comedy show with a crowd of 250 people and 5 ovations on 12 minutes changed everything, and he knew he belonged on stage. Harry has since been a regular at top comedy clubs in New York, toured the country and opened for comics like Jerry Springfield and Tim Allen.

As a speaker Harry Freedman is warm and charismatic. He customizes all his presentations to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for, and with his many years of experience and professional approach, he won’t let you down.

Watch Harry Freedman in action


    Presentation by speaker Harry Freedman

    Corporate Comedy Put-ons

    • Harry is introduced as an industry expert and gets everyone laughing, even as they believe he’s for real. Clients rave about Harry’s customization, so the audience goes in expecting a serious presentation and comes out relaxed and glowing.


    Presentation by speaker Harry Freedman


    • Harry has hosted many corporate events and has had the honor of introducing such folks as Jose Feliciano and Robert Reich. He balances the importance of the events with his humor to keep it from relaxed and down-to-earth. He has also served as a moderator for panels and been an audience plant for prepared sketches to liven up and create informative discussions.


    Presentation by speaker Harry Freedman

    Customized Put-on Videos (on-site)

    • While in character as a faux expert, speaker Harry Freedman interviews 5 or 6 unsuspecting attendees/executives and asks questions that veer off into the absurd. He videos the results and edits a 10 minute video that gets played after his put-on speech.
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