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Henrik Fexeus

travels from Sweden

Communication and body language expert, author, mentalist and TV personality advising on communication

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Speaker Henrik Fexeus is a communication and body language expert who uses his expertise to change the way people communicate. Henry inspires audiences through advanced methods of communication, including non-verbal communications, body language, and subconscious signals. Henry shares how implementing small factors can bring significant success professionally and personally.

Why book speaker Henrik Fexeus?

  • Using the gift of our natural-born talent, Henrik optimizes audience member’s communication skills by introducing non-verbal signals to maximize their negotiation, communication, and conversational skills.
  • He has a background in communication literacy. Using his skill-set, Henrik teaches audience members how to take simple knowledge and signs and use them to their advantage. 
  • Henrik has studied communication techniques and mental skills drawn from several different fields, including classical psychology, and philosophy, as well as theatre and hypnosis.
  • He has analyzed the use of influence in media, advertising, propaganda, and memetics. Using his profound skill set, speaker Henrik demonstrates how to enhance your lifestyle through his inspiring and enlightening techniques.

International bestselling author on body language and communication, award-winning mentalist, and tv personality, speaker Henrik Fexeus is known for his captivating talks about the lesser-known parts of human communication. With energy and a presentation style like no other, Henrik explains how you subconsciously use non-verbal signals to influence the outcome of every meeting, whether it be an essential negotiation or working with your colleagues. When you learn to take control of your non-verbal communication, you will be able to get the results you want and create the relationships you need.

Henrik Fexeus is the author of ten bestselling books on human behavior, that have sold more than 1.2 million copies and has been published in 36 countries. Among them, “The Art of Reading Minds”. His books on communication are used to train everyone from international corporate leaders to therapists all over the world. In his home country of Sweden, he is famous for performing spectacular psychological experiments on prime time television and is often called upon by the media to analyze body language and the “hidden communication” of politicians and world leaders.

Henrik is ranked as one of the world’s top authorities on body language and has been given six international and national awards for his books, talks, and performances.

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Keynote by speaker Henrik Fexeus

The Art of Reading Minds: What We Tell Each Other Without Knowing It

A good relationship is the foundation of any meaningful exchange. If you can’t make somebody want to hear you out and trust you first, they won’t listen to what you say. In this funny and surprising lecture, Henrik teaches you how to use your unconscious, non-verbal communication such as body language, voice tempo, facial expressions and even word adjustments, to form a good relationship with anybody, so that you can get people to like you as well as listen to you. Using these techniques, you will be able to:

  •  Create strong relationships at record speed
  •  Form the basis of all meaningful communication
  •  Get others to trust you in an instant
  •  Make people open to your ideas
  •  Get along with difficult people
Keynote by speaker Henrik Fexeus

Non-verbal Negotiation: Get Others To Do What You Want And Love You For It

Have you ever tried to get somebody to do something you want? In that case, you’ve tried to use influence. Everybody does it all the time, but not everybody does it well. The secret to effective influence is that it starts at the non-verbal and even subconscious level. In this talk, Henrik uses everyday examples and astonishing demonstrations to reveal the surprising truth about our hidden influence techniques, how you should use it, and why other people will love you for it. You will learn how to:

  •  Quickly notice if people agree or disagree with you – before they know it themselves
  •  Make others instinctively want to be “on your side”
  •  Trigger psychological mechanisms of reprocitity and automatic trust
  •  Avoid common pitfalls when creating positive states in others
Keynote by speaker Henrik Fexeus

Your Mental Super Powers: Boot Camp for Your Brain

You are capable of much more than you realize. In this talk, Henrik explains how you can use your brain in a much more efficient way. You’ll learn simple shortcuts and psychological tricks that will let you achieve results you didn’t believe possible. Henrik uses unexpected demonstrations to get the whole audience to sharpen their mental superpowers even while they are listening. This isn’t just about getting smarter, it’s about a whole new attitude to yourself. After this talk, you’ll be able to:

  •  Be more creative than 1 in 1000 people
  •  Reprogram your mind to be better at problem solving
  •  Quickly enter a mental state of deep learning and productivity
  •  Remember 3 times more information than you normally do
Keynote by speaker Henrik Fexeus

Reload: The Art of Smart Recovery.

It is easy to loose your footing in a world that spins faster and faster. We are told that the modern way of living is detrimental to our health and that we need to go slower. But stress is not necessarily dangerous. The danger lies in not reloading yourself. Which unfortunately is what many forget to do.

In Reload, Henrik Fexeus dispel the myths about stress and balance, and teaches loads of practical and quick techniques for physical and mental recharge. By finding your personal type of reload, you can shape a more fulfilling life with even more energy. Reload lets you super charge your batteries without cutting down on what is fun. You’ll learn quick ways to:

  •  Automatically lower your level of stress hormones
  •  Avoid your mind’s negative thought bias
  •  Control the flow of oxygen and adrenaline in your body
  •  Find positive energy in stressful situations

Interview with speaker Henrik Fexeus

Interview with Henrik Fexeus as he gives us the fundamentals of what got him interested in his current speaking career, down to tips in enhancing your non-verbal communication skills.

  • Could you give us some brief examples of how and why using body language in the work environment is vital for successful communication
Body language and non-verbal communication convey messages often too subtle to be put in words, but which nevertheless are extremely important to get across. It will tell you everything from a persons’ emotional involvement to how well they work with others and whether they believe what they tell you. By consciously using your body language, you can create strong bonds of trust and cooperation at record-breaking speed.
  • Why do you think that your keynotes are impactful for organizations?
The ability to quickly create secure and trusting relationships, both in the office and with your clients, is an absolute necessity in today’s competitive environment. So is the capacity to influence the decision making of others. In my keynotes, I teach how to use body language and non-verbal communication to achieve this in every meeting you have, by taking control over tools you already possess. My goal is to show you how to use them.
  •  Do you believe that your keynotes spark creativity? Which topic in particular.
One of my keynotes is about something I call Mental Superpowers. There are quite a few mental skills which we are quite good at, but without knowing it. So we donät use them – and when we try, we often go about it the wrong way. Creativity is one of these. Creativity is a fantastic tool that can be used in any situation. But as with any device, there is a right and a wrong way to use it. In Mental Superpowers, my audience will already during the presentation prove to themselves that they can be more creative than 1 in 1000 – just by understanding how to do it.
  • Could you provide three tips for enhancing your communication/body language skills?
First of all, understand that it is a vital part of your everyday communication. If you are in doubt, watch a tv talk show with the sound on mute. You will realize that you can still get the gist of the conversation, just by observing the body language of the host and guests. Second, understand that you always affect other people’s moods and thoughts with your gestures and facial expressions and that this happens whether you intend to or not. Third, start observing other people – and yourself – to see whether their nonverbal behavior is congruent with, or contradicts their verbal message. And notice how your nonverbal signals affect your overall communication.
  • When did you first start to pick up on body language? How did you (then)use it to your advantage?
I got interested in all this precisely because I didn’t pick up on body language. I was socially awkward as a child and grew up feeling that there was some secret” code” or language that the others got, but I did not. So I started to look for the answer and studied theatre, marketing, psychology, communication, philosophy, magic, and hypnosis. I looked at every field concerned with human behavior and how to influence it. I wanted to learn these techniques for myself, to apply them in my own life and also in my work as a mentalist  I had no idea that other people were as interested as me, or that it would become my career teaching this to others. But I am delighted to do so because the ability to communicate well is the most important thing we have.
  • Where would you like to be in the next five years?
Good question. I’ll let you know in four years. But seriously, even though the world is changing fast and communication becomes more and more digital, there will always be a need for interpersonal communication. This means that there will always be a need to master the skills that I teach, at least if you want to be able to navigate your social surroundings successfully. So in five years, you will probably find me doing what I do now, more or less, and loving every minute of it.
See keynotes with Henrik Fexeus
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