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Jade Simmons

travels from USA

Classical Music’s #1 Maverick and CEO of Jade Media Global, crafting customized keynotes blending mind-blowing music with boundless inspiration, driving growth mindset and change mastery.

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Elevate your event with Jade Simmons, a globally renowned creator of transformative experiences. As CEO of Jade Media Global, she blends mind-blowing music with boundless inspiration, offering keynotes tailored to ignite purpose-based leadership, innovation, diversity, and growth mindset. Unleash the power of unparalleled insights for your organization's success.

Reasons to book speaker Jade Simmons

  • An accomplished concert artist and sought-after activational speaker. She creates electrifying keynote experiences that combine mind-blowing music and boundless inspiration.
  • Unlock the power of genre-bending music and stunning visuals, seamlessly integrated to drive home key messages, making the learning experience unforgettable.
  • Elevate events with Jade’s dazzling and high-impact presentations, which have become the go-to fuel for the world’s superlative brands and organizations.

In the rhythm of everyday life, imagine a symphony of possibilities. Now, envision the maestro of transformation, Jade Simmons, stepping onto your corporate stage as the keynote speaker. Known for orchestrating captivating experiences, Jade seamlessly blends the worlds of classical music and motivational speaking, creating a harmonious narrative that resonates in the heart of your organization.

Picture this: your team faces challenges, each member navigating their unique score. Now, enter Jade Simmons, the internationally acclaimed creator of transformational experiences, poised to conduct a symphony of inspiration. As a motivational speaker, Jade transcends the ordinary, guiding your audience to embrace their boldest selves. Her insights are not mere notes but a crescendo of empowerment, designed to activate individuals and organizations towards their fullest potential.

Jade Simmons, often nicknamed “Classical Music’s #1 Maverick,” is not just a speaker but a virtuoso storyteller. Her genre-bending adventures, from Rachmaninoff to rap, set the stage for an unparalleled keynote experience. Organizations globally recognize Jade as one of the Best Keynote Speakers, and her high-impact presentations are the go-to fuel for superlative brands.

When you book Jade Simmons for your event, you unlock customized experiences tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether it’s purpose-based leadership, innovation, change mastery, diversity, or growth mindset, Jade crafts keynotes that resonate. Her uncommon background provides uncommonly powerful insights for any industry, ensuring relevance and impact.

In the business symphony of success, Jade Simmons stands as a virtuoso conductor, ready to lead your organization towards a transformative crescendo. Secure the maestro, book Jade Simmons, and let the harmonies of inspiration and innovation resonate in your corporate corridors.

See keynotes with Jade Simmons
Keynote by speaker Jade Simmons

The Smell of Breakthrough

This keynote is designed to pique all of the senses and stoke the biggest fires of inspiration in the hearts and minds of attendees. True to form, expect the same stunning combination of inspiration, innovation, and unbelievable entertainment. In this presentation (that can be done both virtually and in-person)

Audience takeaways:

  • Jade brilliantly sets attendees up to be able to predict when a breakthrough is around the corner, position for it powerfully, and lead their teams in sustainable strategies to keep the breakthrough coming.
Special Virtual Keynote by speaker Jade Williams

New Virtual, Live Experience: How to Move like a Maverick

This will be a high-level virtual experience that will be impactful, entertaining, and inspirational. Your attendees will also leave with takeaways that they can use right away in their professional and personal lives. Sessions begin (May, 2020)

And by virtual, we aren’t talking about an at-home concert from Jade’s laptop. Jade will be:

  • Coming to you live from a beautiful concert hall, with a concert grand piano, and full glam
  • Providing a full concert adventure to power up your people
  • And including powerful interactive elements and moderator for Q&A, where Jade will be able to answer questions in real-time

For more information pertaining to keynote ” How to Move like a Maverick”, please see the following keynote.

Keynote by speaker Jade Simmons

How to Move Like Maverick

An empowering line-up of uncommon mindset shifts and brave, new modes of operation designed to shift your people from status quo huggers to empowered trailblazers in one fell swoop.

Perfect for organizations looking to motivate their people to new heights personally and bigger results professionally.

Keynote by speaker Jade Simmons

Audacity: Dare to Lead on Purpose

An incredible thing happens when audacious leaders dealing with the pressures of monumental change are given the tools to connect, improvise and unlock the undiscovered gifts of their team members…breakthrough breaks out.

Perfect for organizations looking to offer something other than run-of-the-mill leadership training.

Keynote by speaker Jade Simmons

Dynamic, Disruptive Diversity: A Bold Approach to Harnessing the Power of Differences

Jade’s leading the charge for diversification of the workplace with a powerfully positive approach
that dares to eschew guilt and obligation in favor of curiosity and authentic connectivity.

Perfect for organizations determined to be at the forefront of the diversity and inclusion movement

Watch Jade Simmons in action!

Jade Simmons Speaker Reel 2023

Watch Jade Simmons in action!

Who Is Jade Simmons?

Watch Jade Simmons in action!

Be inspired by Speaker Jade Simmons

Watch Jade Simmons in action!

Jade Simmons – Today in Nashville Interview

See keynotes with Jade Simmons


We are always looking for people who are unique, new — fresh. Jade Simmons is that. She’s very dynamic. She draws you in, you just want to listen to her, and the way she tells her stories and interjects her music — there’s no one like her.

Aimee Kane

Consultant/Creative Services, Meeting & Event Management, Nationwide

Jade Simmons as a conference guest speaker? None better! And I’ve seen a few in my day. Inspiring, challenging, motivating, entertaining…and more.

Jack Salzwedel

Chairman & CEO, American Family Insurance

“In the event world, there is a difference between a speaker and an experience. Jade is not a speaker, she is a dynamic presence and personality that combines with her positive spirit and passion for impacting others to liven and add value to any event.”

Michel Luchie

CEO National Conference Coordinator

A clear, powerful pianist with a magnetic personality…worth seeing any time.

Washington Post

Jade Simmons is relatable, inspiring, engaging, funny, original, and highly energetic. She spoke to MOD, not at MOD. She knew our culture’s nuanced language and idiosyncrasies and she connected with our entire team. Months after her keynote, we’re still talking about it. Jade is positive empowerment wrapped in music and storytelling. Highly recommend.

Scott & Ally Svenson


Last month I saw Jade Simmons give a keynote address at the Entrepreneurial Excellence Forum for the Women Presidents Organization. I was blown away by her performance, weaving together audience participation, her incredible musical talent, and her storytelling skills. I'm inspired by her bravery in stepping into a new possible self when her current trajectory no longer served her. I’m so grateful she said yes to that possibility. The world is better because of it. What possible self do you want to say yes to today?

Megan McDonough

Women Presidents Organization

Speakers say they customize their speeches to meet the needs of their audience. Jade took that to a new level! She did her homework and gave the audience exactly what they needed. Jade was beyond fantastic, and I’ve received incredible feedback from the attendees. If you are looking for an engaging, entertaining speaker that will make you look like a hero for hiring them, Jade should be your next speaker!

Chrissy Campbell

Georgia Realtors
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