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Triumph Over Adversity

John Register

travels from USA

Double Paralympian, TEDx speaker, and world-renowned motivator empowering your team to conquer hurdles and achieve greatness.

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Experience the transformative power of keynote speaker John Register, an acclaimed Paralympian and motivational expert. Ignite your team's potential with proven strategies to conquer challenges and achieve peak performance. Elevate your organization's success with John's inspiring journey of resilience and triumph. Book now for an unparalleled keynote that will inspire and empower your audience to embrace their full potential and drive exceptional results.

Why you should book John Register for your next event

  • Global recognition: Engage with a keynote speaker ranked among the top 50 Global Leadership Speakers in the world, recognized for his exceptional ability to inspire, motivate, and empower audiences across diverse industries and cultures.
  • Author & influencer: Access the profound wisdom and transformative insights shared by John through his acclaimed book, “10 Stories to Impact Any Leader: Journal Your Way to Leadership Success,” gaining practical tools and strategies for personal and professional growth.
  • Strategic advisor: Tap into John’s wealth of experience advising world leaders on matters of foreign policy and strategic decision-making, gaining access to valuable insights and perspectives that can inform and guide your organization’s strategic direction.

As a Paralympian, TEDx sensation, and decorated Army veteran, John’s experiences embody the essence of resilience and triumph over adversity. He demonstrates that success isn’t bound by limitations but fueled by unwavering determination.

John Register doesn’t merely talk about resilience and transformation; he lives these principles every step of the way. His journey is a masterclass in turning adversity into triumph. From being an award-winning speaker to a catalyst for change, John’s life story inspires everyone he meets from U.S. Presidents and Foreign dignitaries to celebrities and C-Suite executives.

John’s story is one of remarkable triumph over adversity. As a celebrated athlete, Persian Gulf War U.S. Army veteran, amputee, and Paralympic silver medalist, John has faced and overcome unimaginable challenges. His athletic career faced a pivotal moment with a severe injury leading to the amputation of his left leg. However, John chose not to be defined by this incident, instead redefining victory itself. By embracing a "new normal mindset," he not only returned to competitive sports but also achieved Paralympic glory, forever marking his place in sports history.

Booking John Register for your event means investing in your team’s growth and transformation. With his unmatched motivational prowess, he empowers individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential. John’s insights and strategies foster a culture of excellence, driving teams to conquer obstacles and thrive in any environment.

John’s TEDx talk has left audiences worldwide spellbound, sparking a desire for positive change. Your attendees will leave with renewed vigor, embracing change with a fresh perspective that fuels their drive to succeed.

Engaging John Register for your event is not merely about booking a keynote speaker; it's about sparking a transformative shift. He encourages teams to confront their challenges head- on, cut away their fears, and strive for excellence in all areas of life.

Invite John Register to share his extraordinary journey at your next event. Let his transition from adversity to the pinnacle of Paralympic success inspire your team to see every challenge not as an obstacle but as a stepping stone toward greater achievements.

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Keynote by speaker John Register


Uncertainty and change can be daunting, but how we face it defines us. Join John Register, an award-winning inspirational/motivational speaker, author, and two-time Paralympic Silver Medalist, for an empowering and interactive keynote address and a remarkable story of overcoming adversity.

John’s keynote address is an incredible example of transforming adversity into an advantage. By following the five-stage process of reckoning, revision, rebirth, resolve, and reward, he has succeeded in facing challenges and inspired others to do the same.

His story of overcoming adversity and achieving success is empowering and will leave a lasting impact on the audience. Through his message, he provides valuable insights on how to adapt to change, navigate challenges, and succeed in uncertain times.

By embracing a “new normal mindset,” John shows us that change can be an opportunity for growth and success. His speech is perfect for leaders and employees in industries where change is constant, such as banking, pharmaceutical, healthcare, human resources DEI, and travel.

As a two-time Paralympic Silver Medalist and former Olympic class hurdler, John’s story of overcoming obstacles is remarkable. He has used his experiences to create parallel paths and help others overcome challenges through sport and rehabilitation.

In his keynote address, John’s message of resilience and perseverance will inspire the audience to take action and transform adversity into an advantage. By following the five-stage process, they, too, can achieve success in the face of challenges and embrace change as an opportunity for growth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by John’s powerful, uplifting, and empowering keynote address that gives you the tools you need to navigate the challenges and opportunities of change and win the medals in your life.


  • Develop a “New Normal Mindset”: Learn to embrace change as an opportunity for growth and success. Outcome: Participants will leave with practical tools to navigate challenges and opportunities in uncertain times.
  • Transform Adversity into Advantage: Use the five-stage process of reckoning, revision, rebirth, resolve, and reward to turn challenges into advantages. Outcome: Participants will develop a framework for transforming adversity into opportunities for success.
  • Build Resilience and Perseverance: Learn how to build resilience and perseverance to overcome obstacles in your personal and professional lives. Outcome: Participants will leave with strategies to build strength and perseverance in facing challenges.
Keynote by speaker John Register


Join keynote speaker John Register as he shares valuable insights on the Champions Mindset and how it can be applied to business sales success.

As a former Olympic trials candidate, four-time track and field all-American and Paralympic athlete, and silver medalist, John has firsthand experience in achieving success under pressure and overcoming obstacles.

In this session, he will draw on lessons from his athletic career to teach attendees how to adopt a champion’s mindset and achieve greater success in their business sales efforts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true champion and take your sales game to the next level!”


  • Analyze the athlete’s journey to the medal podium, and implement those lessons into current business culture and sales systems.
  • Identify the ripples of disturbance that derail your path to business growth.
  • Discover the competitive advantage through the training concept of plus one days.
  • Extract lessons from the Olympic and Paralympic athlete journey and implement those lessons into your business culture and sales systems to reach the podiums you have set for your company.
Keynote by speaker John Register


There is a group of individuals who are always overlooked regarding the diversity, equity, and inclusion conversation. The group I refer to is the disability population.

From increased productivity and employee retention to reduced absenteeism and training costs, there are countless reasons why hiring individuals with disabilities is not only the right thing to do but it also makes good business sense.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with disabilities have an unemployment rate nearly double that of those without disabilities. Additionally, the unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities has remained stubbornly high, even during periods of economic growth.

This is great news for the labor market because an underutilized talent pool is ready to work.

Disability employment is the next frontier in the fight for equality for persons with disabilities in the workplace.


  • Why businesses need to create an inclusive culture that welcomes and supports individuals with disabilities by providing accommodations, such as assistive technology, and offering training and support for managers and coworkers.
  • How businesses should actively recruit individuals with disabilities through partnerships with organizations that serve individuals with disabilities, as well as through targeted recruiting efforts.
  • Why businesses should offer incentives for hiring individuals with disabilities? This can include tax credits, grants, and other financial incentives.

Accenture finalized a report in Q4 2018 which stated if there were two similar companies and one hired, retained, and promoted people with disabilities and the other did not, the first would outperform the second 2 to 1 in shareholder returns.

By creating an inclusive culture, actively recruiting individuals with disabilities, and offering incentives for hiring them, businesses can maximize their profits and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

John’s keynote intersects with a company employee business and affinity resource groups on multiple levels.  His intersections are as a person with a disability, a person of color, and a combat veteran.

Keynote by speaker John Register


Life can change with one wrong step.

While training for an upcoming competition, one misstep over a hurdle cost me my leg.

Despite my devastating setback, I hurdled my adversity and began winning again. Within 22 months post-injury, I competed on the United States Paralympic Swim Team in Atlanta, Georgia and anchored both the 4×100 meter medley and freestyle relays.

It was at those games in Atlanta I saw athletes with amputations running and jumping using prostheses. I knew I had to learn how to run on an artificial limb. I did so and four years later I returned to my first love of track and field and in Sydney, Australia at the 2000 Paralympic Games, I won the silver medal in the long jump setting the American record in the process.

I am the first to say that overcoming any obstacle no matter how great or insignificant one thinks it is, begins with having a resilient and renewed mind.

But how do you get it? Where does it come from? And, can it be taught and learned so everyone can respond better when facing adversity?
In this virtual presentation, you will discover steps you can take to stand strong. I share with you the pathway and the steps to win, again.

Whether you are an executive, a middle manager, or front employee, your life can change with one wrong step, but your life can also change with one right step.

Go forth and inspire your world.

Keynote by speaker John Register


Is your company struggling right now and trying to come to grips with this new environment? Olympians and Paralympians have a championship mindset that focuses on the end game.

How do they manage in times of stress and uncertainty?

We know all athletes will have challenges, but the champions…the ones who stand atop the medal podium are the ones who plan strategically for any ripple of disturbance that may cross their path.

If Olympic and Paralympic athletes are training four years from today the way they are training today, they have already lost the gold medal.

If your company sales team is trying to compete by playing it safe, then you are in danger of losing your goal as well.

This virtual presentation builds from the Olympic Motto Citius, Altius, Fortius. These three Latin words are the foundation of the Olympic movement and make up the performance mindset of Olympians and Paralympians. These three words, when translated into English (Swifter, Higher, Stronger), push athletes to endure the day to day drudgeries of dream pursuits.

Notice the words are not written in the superlative. They are not written in the highest form of the word. But rather they are written with an “er” stem end. This means there is always room for growth. There is always room for growth.

Athletes can be the fastest at one Olympics and be faster next. Your team can sell the most this year but can sell even more the next.

Even in times of uncertainty athletes are always looking for a competitive advantage.

In this virtual presentation, your team will learn how to look for the opportunities in the obstacles faced in business and in life. John will help your team release the spirit of determination, resilience and resolve to win the medals in your personal and professional lives.

Your team will extract lessons from the Olympic and Paralympic athlete journey and implement those lessons into your business culture and sales systems to reach the podiums you have set for your company.

John’s virtual learning activities coupled with his power of storytelling releases the champion spirit in your team and position you to be at the top of your industry.

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Amputate to Amplify: Why John Register’s New Normal Mindset Stands Strong B.F.

Watch John Register in action

Why tolerance is not valuable | John F. Register, CSP | TEDxColoradoSprings

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