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Content strategist and speaker on creative marketing and branding


Jon Burkhart

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Award-winning speaker and expert on creating engaging content, surprising stories and memorable brands

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Keynote speaker Jon Burkhart is an energetic and charismatic speaker on storytelling and marketing. Jon encourages brands to be more curious and ask questions in order to create playful and surprising content.

Why you should book speaker Jon Burkhart

  • He’s very experienced and knowledgeable in content strategy and marketing. Jon has worked as a freelance copywriter since 1995, and he is the founder of his own marketing consultancy TBC Global where he helps companies create better content.
  • He’s confident on stage! As a speaker Jon Burkhart is charismatic, thought-provoking and honest. He studied public speaking at university and therefore knows the theoretical and practical side of speaking.

Content strategist and speaker Jon Burkhart is passionate about helping others create new and surprising marketing plans. Jon is known for his interactive talks that enhance the content-making process and leave the audience with practical tools and strategies that can be used right away. He’s energetic and humorous on stage, and he makes sure that everyone walks away with new knowledge and energy.

Jon is a big sports fan and has worked for Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC and Bath Rugby. He speaks on a variety of topics that relate to marketing, social media, fan engagement and storytelling. He is also the co-author of the popular book Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising. Jon has spoken in 30 different countries, and his clients include Channel 4, eBay, MTV, Starbucks and Google. He is also a fantastic workshop facilitator and emcee.

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Keynote by speaker Jon Burkhart

Constant Curiosity: How Asking Firecracker Questions Creates Memorable Moments

According to Jon, organisations need to be more curious about asking the right questions. In this humorous and interactive talk, you will learn Jon’s secret to innovative branding and engaging storytelling.

  • Learn how to create content like a firecracker: Provocative, Original, Playful and Surprising.
  • Understand the changing needs of your audience and customers.
  • Learn how to create memorable moments!
Keynote by speaker Jon Burkhart

Constant Curiosity Guide to Content Strategy

How do you use content to build a profitable business? How do you make sure it increases both brand awareness and sales? How do you create content that gets and keeps attention in an ever-distracted, screen-scrolling world?

How do you make sure your content is super-relevant, connecting with the right audience at the right time? This hands-on session will answer these questions and 21 more. Attendees will use the power of inquiry to create a content map that helps you outline a battle plan to create loyal fans and grow a business.

Keynote by speaker Jon Burkhart

Constant curiosity guide to Sparking joy on the Journey

How can asking better questions help you connect deeper with your customers along every touchpoint in the sales journey? How can it help you be the answer to your ideal consumer’s problems quicker than just about anyone else? Could being curious help you tell better stories & stand out in your current and future customers’ minds for longer?

Employing his unique brand of ‘firecracker curiosity,’ Jon will tackle these questions head-on. Drawing on 2 decades of helping brands & sports teams in 26 countries use questions to surprise & disrupt, Jon will prove how uncertainty-fuelled curiosity can lead to deeper customer relationships, quicker loyalty and breakthrough growth.

In this talk Jon will:

  • Address every step of the relationship from initial contact to die-hard fan and how being curious is your chief weapon to win big in 2022.
  • Show how you can quickly find common ground and answer customers’ pain points in a seamless manner.
  • Cover the highs and lows, ups and downs of doing whatever it takes to spark joy and stand out in theminds of customers as this is the only way to create brand champions who even help you re-ignite lapsed customers.
Keynote by speaker Jon Burkhart

Dynamic Difference. Daring Brands to create stand out value

What unique value does your company offer your customer and how do you find or create this? What’s at the very core of why your company exists? Are you telling stories in ways that energise customers and make them feel compelled to share this excitement with others?

Jon will answer these questions & more as he helps you uncover your brand’s value proposition. You’ll discuss which brand stood out and which won more customers thanks to their positioning and/or radical differentiation? He’ll prove to you that those who truly embrace adding value for their customers in a unique way. Those are the brands that win bigger, grow faster and have more

In this talk Jon will:

  • Explain the different types of value propositions and show how radical differentiation can lead to breakthrough growth.
  • Show how all this improves the customer experience along every sales touchpoint.
  • Explore how to strengthen customer relationships and build loyal fans whofeel energised on a regular basis
Keynote by speaker Jon Burkhart

Special closing keynote topic

Jon also offers clients their own BEERNOTE! – an entertaining yet thought provoking end of conference speech that helps sums up everything that has gone on during the day. Jon will join you for the day and sum up the content from all the speakers during the day in one final speech – leaving delegates departing on a high.

Watch speaker Jon Burkhart in action

Jon Burkhart - "The Ballsy Guide to Getting and Keeping Attention in Real-Time"

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Best speaker I've ever heard. Great knowledge. Great experience. Great connection with the audience. Definitely a 10 out of 10!

Cosentino manager

Jon’s a brilliant, energising speaker…one of the best workshops I've ever attended.

Siemens director

Great fun. Thought-provoking. Jon’s take on content is super insightful and inspiring.

Havaianas manager

One of the best sessions to date, not only for the content, but for Jon's prep work. It's a pity that the class was online and not in person.

Ernst & Young manager
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