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Kevin McCarthy

Dynamic speaker who will help you pay attention to your blind spots in your professional and personal life
Country: USA

Thought-leader and speaker Kevin McCarthy is the author of the bestselling book “BlindSpots: Why Good People Make Bad Choices”. Kevin has been a high-demand international speaker for over 20 years, and he is an authentic and captivating story-teller.

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Why you should book speaker Kevin McCarthy

  • Kevin has based his signature keynote on his own experience with blind spots. As an excellent storyteller, Kevin captures the attention of the audience and presents a relatable and inspiring story. Blind spots in business can lead to unknowingly bad choices and have fatal consequences.
  • Kevin is a popular speaker and with good reason; he is highly professional, engaging and motivating. Kevin also recently received his CSP designation (Certified Speaking Professional) which less than 12% of all speakers hold worldwide.

Keynote speaker Kevin McCarthy started his speaking career in 1994 and quickly grew a passion for helping leaders and organizations reach their goals. Kevin started thriving as a speaker, but soon stood face to face with his own blind spots when he was surprised with a prison sentence he didn’t see coming. We all have blind spots, unconscious biases and memory traps, and Kevin made it his mission to help people uncover and control theirs. Most of us think we are much less bias than the average person but the truth of the matter is that we all have significant blind spots that affect our decision-making process and behavior at work and towards competitors.

As a speaker Kevin McCarthy is dynamic, authentic and unique. His vulnerable story and thought-provoking points have transformed audiences worldwide. Kevin is currently working on new keynote topics but is still available for his signature keynote. He also offers workshops and training seminars where you get to stand face to face with your own blind spots.

Watch Kevin McCarthy in action

    Keynote by speaker Kevin McCarthy

    Welcome to the BlindSpot Zone™

    • If you have ever said to yourself, “I didn’t see that coming!” then this keynote will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very first sentence! Kevin McCarthy takes his audience on a captivating journey of unknowingly bad choices and a crime he didn’t knowingly commit.
    • In this keynote, the audience will learn about the typical blind spots that affect our decision-making and behavior in professional situations. Kevin also reflects about ethics, leadership and the importance of risk management and fraud awareness.
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