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Mastering Digital Transformation Strategies

Lindsay Herbert

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Transform your organization with Lindsay Herbert's innovative insights. Discover how she drives real change through digital transformation.

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Unlock corporate excellence with Lindsay Herbert, a leading innovator transforming businesses globally. Her dynamic keynotes offer actionable strategies for digital evolution, driving innovation, adaptability, and lasting growth. Elevate your team and secure a competitive edge with Lindsay's exceptional insights.

Why you should book Lindsay Herbert for your next event

  • Unleash Innovation: Lindsay Herbert guides teams to unlock creativity, fostering a culture of continuous innovation.
  • Adaptive Strategies: Gain tools for navigating change with Lindsay Herbert’s proven methodologies, ensuring organizational resilience.
  • Author of Digital Transformation: Benefit from Lindsay Herbert’s expertise as the acclaimed author of a praised business book.

Lindsay Herbert, a global authority in digital transformation, is a distinguished keynote speaker renowned for guiding enterprises toward unprecedented success. With a wealth of experience as IBM Inventor and Chief Innovation Officer at IBM Garage, Lindsay’s innovative mindset has shaped breakthrough technologies, including the revolutionary IBM Instant Checkout, featured on BBC World News.

As an accomplished author of “Digital Transformation,” Lindsay distills complex concepts into actionable strategies. Her compelling keynotes empower audiences, offering insights on how to navigate the evolving digital landscape effectively. Lindsay’s influential role extends beyond corporate settings; appointed by the Mayor of London, she serves as a Governor for the Museum of London, steering its digital transformation journey.

Booking Lindsay Herbert for your event ensures an immersive experience, where her expertise becomes a catalyst for organizational growth. Her transformative keynotes delve into the heart of digital evolution, fostering innovation, adaptability, and resilience within enterprises. Lindsay’s captivating presentations draw from her insider experiences, inspiring leaders worldwide to embrace change proactively.

To book Lindsay Herbert is to unlock a dynamic speaker whose guidance transcends conventional boundaries. With a focus on driving innovation and growth, Lindsay’s keynotes leave a lasting impact on audiences, equipping them with the tools needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Embrace the future of corporate success by inviting Lindsay Herbert to share her unparalleled insights at your next event.

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Keynote by speaker Lindsay Herbert

Digital Transformation: The Bear in the Room

Too many leaders waste innovation efforts on ‘elephant in the room’ problems. These are the problems that drain time and resources, but don’t ultimately threaten the company’s survival. To achieve success through innovation, you have to tackle the ‘bear in the room’. These are the problems that will tear your business apart if you continue to ignore them. In this talk based on her internationally acclaimed book Digital Transformation, Lindsay will share three critical rules for spotting the bears from the elephants. She’ll share stories from relevant companies worldwide, as well as her own hard-won lessons, to illustrate the practical next steps you can take today to innovate for tomorrow.

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Plenary Panel Discussion Day 1 | GES 2019

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