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Lucille Ossai

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Lucille Ossai is a keynote speaker, coach, communications trainer, advisor, and multi-award-winning blogger. She helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders improve their communication skills to increase influence, excel in careers and projects, and boost overall business results. With a rich and experienced background in blogging, lecturing, coaching, and training, she designs and presents communication training that aims to be hands-on and practical, focusing on individuals and organizations alike.

Why you should book Lucille Ossai for your next event:

  • Whether your communication concerns are nonverbal communication, public speaking, interpersonal communication, business writing, or brand storytelling, Lucille Ossai will help you reach the next level. 
  • She is a part of the team of coaches at Ubiquity Executive Coaches (Canada) to provide business communications support in Canada, the United States, Europe, and beyond.
  •  She is the author of the new business communications blueprint Influence and Thrive: How Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders & Corporations Use Effective Communication To Get Results.

Lucille Ossai is a keynote speaker, coach, communications trainer, advisor, and multi-award-winning blogger. She firmly and passionately believes improving communication skills is a valuable investment that will consistently produce favorable returns for any business, company, project, or career.

​A multifaceted and versatile communications expert, Ossai is also the founder of Rethinking Business Communications Limited. This company specializes in delivering training and advisory services in nonverbal communication, public speaking, business writing, and interpersonal communication. She is also the only African featured on Feedspot’s authoritative rank of Top 40 Communication Blogs, Websites, & Influencers in 2021.

Lucille is a regular guest on both radio shows and podcasts. Her appearances include Eko 89.7 FM (the official radio station of the Lagos State Government), Inspiration FM, Metro FM, the Inspiring Leaders Podcast, and the Great Speech Podcast.

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Keynote by Lucille Ossai

Female Leaders: Yes, You Can Be Assertive and Warm

Globally, women are still underrepresented higher up the career ladder. According to the Women in the Workplace 2019 report (LeanIn, McKinsey & Company, October 2019, p. 9), only 21% of all women were represented in the C-suite, 4% of whom were women of color. Therefore, as a top female executive or a female business leader from a minority group, you’re faced with a difficult task: communicating assertively and inspiring people to produce results.

Audience takeaways:

  •  Adopt ‘open’ and warm nonverbal behaviors to boost credibility and trigger trust.
  • Use storytelling and rhetorical tools to win hearts.
  • Disagree without being disagreeable in high-stakes scenarios.
  • Express strong emotions with tact and grace.
  • Tame the impostor syndrome by developing a strong sense of self and using persuasive language.
Keynote by Lucille Ossai

Build Powerful Teams to Drive Success

Great teamwork doesn’t just ‘happen’. You can drive teammates to work together for successful outcomes. With effective communication, teams can create powerful bonds that outlast ego trips, eliminate disengagement, and guarantee goal attainment.

Audience takeaways:

  • Use three critical rules of engagement as a team member to drive the team’s success.
  • Reduce interpersonal conflicts and increase collaboration with simple communication techniques.
  • Adjust your communication style for different team members.
  • Coax trust by being a ‘servant’ team leader.
Keynote by Lucille Ossai

Speak Persuasively to Win Hearts and Change Minds

The US National Institute of Mental Health revealed that 73% of the population suffer from glossophobia – the anxiety of speaking in public. Yet, public speaking is an incredible asset to influence people – if done the right way. To succeed in today’s global village, you must use your voice to win hearts, change minds, and generate massive support for your cause. But first, you must sharpen this tool and amplify it before releasing it to achieve great feats.  

Audience takeaways:

  • Understand the root of the dread of public speaking and learn how to manage symptoms.
  • Incorporate Lucille Ossai’s original A-B-F Formula in your speaking arsenal for maximum impact.
  • Use storytelling to form bonds with your audiences.
  • Adopt four techniques to speak persuasively in your skin.
Keynote by Lucille Ossai

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication in the Digital Age

The ongoing pandemic has accelerated alliances and increased culturally diverse teams. To spur cooperation, increase collaboration across borders, and get results, you’ll need to navigate the nuances of communicating across borders.

Audience takeaways:

  • Connect with non-native English speakers verbally and create a safe haven for them to shine.
  • Use Lucille Ossai’s original three beacons of effective communication to generate quicker results.
  • Discern cultural nuances in nonverbal cues to avoid alienating potential business partners.
  • Communicate openness to accommodate cultural differences.

Upskill and Reskill your communication tactics with Lucille Ossai

See keynotes with Lucille Ossai
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