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Mari Carmen Pizarro

travels from USA

Executive coach, founder of the International Women's Leadership Academy, emotional and human intelligence mentor

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Speaker Mari Carmen Pizarro is a top leadership specialist. With more than 25 years of expertise in leadership and human performance, she is committed to take leaders to new heights. Companies such as Pfizer and TEVA frequently hire Mari Carmen to empower them in emotional intelligence, team dynamics and leadership awareness. Her direct style and sense of intuition is a true inspiration for her clients.

Why you should book speaker Mari Carmen Pizarro

  • Mari Carmen has more than 25 years of professional expertise in leadership and human performance.
  • Her coaching system already helped countless leaders and organizations.
  • She is bilingual in English and Spanish, offering guideful solutions in both languages.

As the CEO of Whole Leadership Systems, Mari Carmen Pizarro has a lot of experience in developing high performing leaders. With over two decades of expertise in human performance and leadership philosophy, she is the expert to hire. Mari Carmen also understands multi-cultural situations well, helping executives to build diverse teams.

Her honest and direct style truly inspires all audiences. As a native speaker of English and Spanish, she offers her keynotes in both languages. Companies all over the world such as Pfizer and TEVA trust her as she provides her clients with a solid coaching system. As a result, Mari Carmen delivers measurable results, spawning effective leaders. Book speaker Mari Carmen Pizarro to improve your emotional intelligence, professional influence or team dynamics!

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Keynote by speaker Mari Carmnen Pizarro

Emotional intelligence; the other kind of smart.

It just happens that decades of research confirm that it is not average IQ, but Emotional Intelligence the critical ingredient that sets the most top performers from the rest of the pack.  Emotional intelligence might be intangible, but it’s mighty.

Audience members learn:

  • Healthy levels of emotional intelligence are a predictor of success, and it is the secret sauce for effective leaders to manage their emotions so that they can successfully navigate social complexities, stress-ridden projects, decision making, and conflict situations.
  • Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management in this engaging and thought-provoking talk.
Keynote by speaker Mari-Carmen Pizarro

Chatter that Glass Ceiling

Only 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. Who is responsible for that? If you’re frustrated with the gender gap, take a step back and get curious: What part of that gap is a direct result of how we women act, react or deal with men and women in the workplace? Moreover, what can we do about it?

Audience members learn:

  • Based on extensive global research, this talk takes participants through a journey of self-discovery and exploration so that they can tackle the most common myths about gender disparity, become more influential and command respect in any room.
Keynote by speaker Mari- Carmen Pizarro

Why Motivational Leadership is Not Sustainable (And what to do instead)

While motivating your team can feel inspiring, it is not enough for employees to become efficient, happy, and successful at work. In fact, there are very distinct reasons why relying solely on motivation will not get your team to the next level.

In this engaging talk, Mari Carmen shares:

  • The most common myths about motivating employees to action and how creating the disciplines for success is the only way to sustain high levels of employee performance and joy in the workplace.
Keynote by speaker Mari Carmen Pizarro

Jumping Curves:

In Mari Carmen’s research, she has found that what matters is not just achieving that one peak of high performance or what she calls climbing your current S-curve (which is what you do to reach the top of a single successful business.) Instead, she explores the equal importance of the moves you must make on the way to your next peak; in other words, jumping to your future S-curve.

Mari reveals vital insights by including :

  • What do the biggest and brightest miss and why traditional long-term business
    planning won’t help you find the market insights that are fundamental to high performance.
  • Why you must add new players to your team before the performance starts to wane. When things are good. (This miss is very evident in the political realm.)
  • How to emulate the modus operandi of businesses that succeed with one re-invention after another, through both good times and bad.
Keynote by Speaker Mari Carmen Pizarro

Breaking Through High-Performance Barriers

This talk outlines the root causes of nasty politics and dysfunction on teams composed of high performing individuals, and the strategies to overcoming them.

Audience members learn:

  • As a leader, it is crucial to identify the barriers which hinder development. Mari Carmen designed this keynote to identify whether the barrier is real or self-imposed. As a result, you will be on your way to success again, leaving the obstacles behind.
  •  The root causes of team dysfunction are both identifiable and correctable. Making the team fully functional and cohesive
    requires levels of trust, courage, and discipline that many groups cannot seem to muster.
  • This is an adjustable keynote. A ½ day workshop and a one day with team assessments included.

Watch speaker Mari Carmen Pizarro in action!

See keynotes with Mari Carmen Pizarro
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