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Oliver Lopez

Generate value and increase your revenue with Oliver – THE EXPERT IN THE BORDERLAND BETWEEN MARKETING AND SALES
Country: Sweden

Speaker Oliver Lopez is a knowledgeable expert of marketing and sales. As an established guru of these two worlds, he helps businesses by bringing in more sales. To create more value, speaker Oliver Lopez supplies his clients with concrete tips and useful tools. His lively and easy-to-grasp keynotes inspire top companies such as PwC and Telia to increase their revenue.

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Why you should book Speaker Oliver Lopez

  • Oliver is a true sales and marketing guru: he has more than 20 years of experience.
  • As a presenter, he explains important concepts using easy-to-grasp terms.
  • He is trusted by big companies such as PwC and Telia.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, speaker Oliver Lopez is the ultimate expert in the new era of selling. His previous jobs in sales taught him the importance of simplifying product lines and working according to customers’ challenges. In 2010, Oliver found his company Structsales to help organisations create more value and revenue. Currently, he works together with top companies such as PwC and Telia to revitalise their sales processes, presenting them innovative marketing and sales techniques.

Oliver’s keynotes are taking the audience on an insightful journey. He explains how marketing and sales relate to each other using easy-to-grasp terms. In the age of tremendous business competition, his knowledge comes as invaluable for an organisation. Speaker Oliver Lopez will show the organisation the right tools and processes to gain essential insight. As a result, there will be a perfect synergy between the marketing and the sales team, helping the company to realise more revenue.


Get inspired by Speaker Oliver Lopez

    Keynote by Speaker Oliver Lopez

    Sales Enablement – How To Grow Revenue By Aligning Sales And Marketing

    • Speaker Oliver Lopez designed this keynote to help organisations align their sales and marketing for business growth.
    • In this presentation, Oliver will introduce practical ways of improving sales while also adjusting the KPIs, processes and the communication of the organisation.
    • By making sales more comfortable, the company will experience significant revenue growth.

    Keynote by Speaker Oliver Lopez

    Insight Selling – How to build value, insights and stand out from the rest

    • Regardless of working in customer service, marketing or sales – the world changed tremendously in the past couple of years. Organisations must keep up with the latest trends in marketing and sales to be better prepared for change.
    • In this keynote, Speaker Oliver Lopez will provide concrete tips and suggestions to help the company gaining the competitive edge.
    • To implement a sustainable and better-organised way of doing business, Oliver will equip the audience with the right methods and tools.
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