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Richie Manu

Best Selling Author and Designer
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Richie Manu is a best selling author, designer, TEDx Speaker and award winning university lecturer. He has a background in design, branding and visual identity, specialising in personal, professional and business development.

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Richie Manu is a best selling Author and Designer, he has worked internationally with individuals and organisations to achieve targets and results for growth, a trusted advisor to start-ups, entrepreneurs and established companies devising strategies on differentiating and standing out amongst competitors.

He currently lectures at the University of Arts London where he teaches on a range of creative courses, including leading the Masters Degree Programme, MA Applied Imagination at Central St. Martins in London, UK. His academic career has also taken him to Hong Kong and China where he lectured at the International Design Camp Programme in Hong Kong Poly U and Hong Kong Design Institute, teaching students on design and creative strategy projects.

His book YOU:Rebranded has received positive reviews and was noted as an essential read on amplifying your individuality and distinctiveness. The strategies devised in the book have gone on to make Richie a recognised and leading figure in business, career advancement and professional development.

Richie’s engaging talks are not just motivational but thought provoking and transformative, His creative mission is to give form and life to ideas, he continues  to work on design and brand identity projects for international clients enabling to them to find their own true voice and create their own distinctive mark and culture to realise their own ideas and potential.

    Speaker Richie Manu Keynote Topics

    • Design
    • Brand Identity
    • Creative and Professional Growth
    • Business Strategy
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