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Samuel Scott

Modern Marketing and Media Expert
Country: Israel

Our keynote speaker Samuel Scott is a former journalist, newspaper editor and director of marketing and communication in the high-tech industry, and writes a regular column for The Drum, ‘The Promotion Fix’. Samuel Scott speaks on topics ranging from technology and marketing to Israel.

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Samuel Scott is a former journalist and newspaper editor turned marketing and communications executive. Our international speaker Samuel Scott shares his unique insights into integrated traditional and digital marketing.

The Internet came into its own when Samuel Scott was in high school. As a result, he and his generation have an inherent understanding on life before and after the World Wide Web. Placing Samuel in the enviable position of being able to understand fully the marketing world both off and online, and how they, despite initially seeming very different, are in fact reflections of each other.

The keynote speaker Samuel Scott regularly shares his notable experience in his column ‘The Promotion Fix’, which is part of The Drum one of the largest marketing publications in the word. He has also been quoted and cited by numerous publication such as AdWeek, CIO and Fortune.

Before starting his column for The Drum, Samuel contributed several widely-shared and discussed opinion columns to TechCrunch on what the modern high-tech world can learn from traditional marketing. His knowledge and experience ranges from traditional television and radio to modern digital marketing over search engines and social media.

Over his speaking career, Samuel has presented in numerous cities in sixteen countries on four continents in front of audiences of thousands of people. He typically speaks at two events or more every month and tailors each talk to each audience and topic.

    Speaker Samuel Scott Keynote Topics

    • The Biggest Myths in Marketing Today
    • How to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing
    • The Marketing Department of the Future
    • The Tyranny of ‘Content’ and the Return of Creativity
    • Online Advertising Fraud is Costing You Billions
    • What the High-Tech World Gets Wrong About Marketing
    • How Ad Blocking Will Hurt Adtech and Martech
    • The Future of TV and Radio in a Digital World
    • The Effect of Adtech and Martech on Politics and Society
    • ‘Fake News’ and Political Disinformation
    • Israeli and Middle Eastern Affairs
    • Tailored topics on request
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