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Saskia Maarse

Saskia Maarse

Cultural Difference Expert
Country: Netherlands

Keynote speaker Saskia Maarse writes, blogs and talks about Dutch culture in both business and social life. During her presentation she shares her insights from entrepreneurs and managers from a variety of countries and offers background information and useful tips on how to bridge cultural differences and how to avoid misunderstandings.

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Why do the Dutch leave their curtains open at night? Who is actually the boss in the Dutch workplace? Why is it that the Dutch are so direct, and what can we learn from fellow entrepreneurs from other countries and cultures? Saskia Maarse shares knowledge about how the Dutch culture is seen by other nationalities and cultures.  She reveals what we can learn from and about other cultures in areas like communication, leadership and behaviour.

What are the cultural differences between the Netherlands and other countries? Curiosity about other cultures in the Netherlands gave Saskia Maarse the idea for the book ‘Tutti frutti – success in a colourful and enterprising Netherlands’. Through her experiences working in other countries, travelling around the world and  the conversations she has had with vibrant entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, Saskia can tell you first hand, the state of entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, and the dynamics of diversity. In her newest book ‘Below sea level’ Saskia shows how contemporary Dutch culture is seen by other nationalities and cultures.

In her presentation Saskia Maarse shows how Dutch culture is seen by other nationalities and cultures.  Saskia describes the origins of some typically Dutch characteristics, as well as what we can learn from and about other cultures.

    Speaker Saskia Maarse Keynote Topics

    • Dutch (business) culture
    • Cultural differences
    • Cultural diversity
    • Doing business internationally
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