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Shawn Van Dyke

Construction Business Expert
Country: USA

Shawn Van Dyke is a construction industry business coach, mentor, and speaker. His mission is to change the way the world views the trades. As a keynote speaker Shawn Van Dyke provides construction business owners the operational systems and leadership strategies they need to build a profitable construction business prepared for sustainable growth.

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His twenty years of experience owning and operating businesses in the construction industry have equipped speaker Shawn Van Dyke to develop the coaching programs and training systems he teaches his clients. Shawn’s voice has emerged as an influential and trusted source of practical and profound business advice for contractors and other construction professionals.

Keynote speaker Shawn van Dyke is a fine homebuilding brand ambassador and contributor to The Journal of Light Construction, as well as, a featured presenter at industry trade shows and national events. His keynotes “Keep Craft Alive”, “Blue is the New Black”, and “Skill the Gap” offer unique perspectives on the current state of the trades. These keynotes discuss the issues of the labor shortage, the effect of artificial intelligence on the construction industry, and recruiting the next generation of skilled trade workers.

Shawn van Dyke is the Author of two books: The Paperwork Punch List: 28 Days to Streamline Your Construction Business and Profit First for Contractors: Transform Your Construction Business from a Cash­Eating Monster to a Money­Making Machine (Fall 2018).

He has developed an international following and client base by leveraging the power of social media, and best­selling authors Mark Schaefer (Known) and Richie Norton (the Power of Starting Something Stupid) have featured Shawn’s story in their works.

Shawn’s keynotes and seminars offer the audience a unique experience because he speaks their language. Whether employee, manager, executive, or owner, Shawn has been in their shoes. Keynote speaker Shawn van Dyke delivers practical, yet profound, insights and applications for his audiences because he believes their work matters, and he is on a mission to change the way the world views the trades.


    Keynote by Speaker Shawn van Dyke

    The State of Skilled Labor and the Changing Workforce

    Audiences will:

    • Be inspired to capitalize on the demand for their services because of the Labor Gap
    • Learn how to attract and train the next generation of skilled workers
    • Embrace the changes that technology is making in the workforce and utilize these changes to innovate the modern craftsperson
    • Learn how technology and globalization is eliminating white collar jobs and why blue collar jobs are gaining traction with the largest demographic in the workforce


    Keynote by Speaker Shawn van Dyke

    Profit First for Contractors

    The Cash Management Plan that Guarantees Profits and Maximizes Cash Flow


    Audiences will:

    • Learn how to understand the “business side” of their construction businesses
    • Be shown how to set up a cash management system that will guarantee profits and eliminate waste.
    • Learn how to eliminate debt in their businesses and generate cash for future purchases and expenses.
    • Learn how to build profit into every job and ensure that profit remains in their businesses.


    Keynote by Speaker Shawn van Dyke

    Value-Based Sales

    Selling Your Unique Value and Creating Ideal Customers


    Audiences will learn:

    • How to determine their unique value and sell that to their potential customers
    • To write a sales script that will eliminate price shoppers and identify ideal customers
    • An 8 step sales process that focuses on establishing trust with customers that leads to a higher closing rate
    • The three most effective words in the sales process and how to leverage the power of silence to help potential customers


    Keynote by Speaker Shawn van Dyke

    Key Performance Indicators for Successful Construction Businesses

    Audiences will learn:

    • How to develop financial projections for their construction businesses without enlisting the help of a CPA
    • How to use high-level metrics (simple numbers) to gauge the health of their construction businesses
    • Simple tracking techniques to plan for the growth of their construction businesses
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